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    wtb ginter autos and relics

    Looking for a small to medium lot of autos and relics. Also interested in Gypsy Queen if they are the mini versions. And i'm also interested in buying some minis in general.

    Looking to spend about $20.
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    i have a 2011 geno auriemma relic with the "k" in huskies showing, as well as a pile of minis for you. please pm if interested. thank you.
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    I have a ton of mini's from A&G and Gypsy Queen. Any particular area that you are looking (specific A&G mini inserts, specific teams or players)? Let me know, happy to move them.

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    cha I will send you a PM too but I have a album full of ginter, relics and autos and some gypsy queen autos and relics..take a look

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    Need any of these? $13 paypal dlvd takes it. Thanks.

    Andre Ethier 2010 Topps A+G GU Jersey
    Brett Anderson 2010 Topps A+G GU Jersey
    JD Drew 2008 Topps A+G GU Bat
    Kosuke Fukodome 2009 Topps A+G GU Jersey (Pinstripe)
    Robinson Cano 2010 Topps A+G GU Bat

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    hey i got these from 2012 A&G
    1. Kirk Herbstreit jersey
    2. Bob Hurley Jr. Jersey
    3. Carlos Quentin jersey
    4. Jonathan Papelbon jersey
    5. Ryan Demster jersey
    6. Angel Pagan jersey
    7. Edinson Volquez jersey
    8. Drew Stubbs jersey
    9. Aubrey Huff jersey
    10. Chris Young jersey
    11. Nick Markakis jersey
    12. Adrian Gonzalez jersey
    13. Corey Hart jersey
    14. Ike Davis bat
    15. Zack Greinke jersey
    16. David Dejesus jersey
    17. Ryan Zimmerman jersey
    18. Melky Cabrera jersey
    19. Mark Reynolds jersey
    20. Geovany Soto jersey
    21. Kosuke Fukudome jersey
    22. Hank Haney jersey
    23. Phil Pfister jersey
    24. Martin Prado jersey
    25. Johnny Cueto jersey
    26. Ryan Theriot jersey
    27. Balloon Boy piece of relic
    28. Matt Cain jersey
    29. Carlos Zambrano jersey
    30. Roger Federer jersey

    2011 i have a sergio mitre auto and dick vitale,austin jackson relic

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