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    My turn of showing off Kobe

    I don't actually collect Kobe Bryant but I have seen seeing some threads of showing off their PC of Bryant so I thought I would post some of the cards I have pulled of him:

    Here goes:

    Start with Panini and go backwards

    Outstanding redemption for Marquee auto:

    Upper Deck

    From my days as Diamond Club member

    And the best Kobe card I have:

    # to five

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    Some others:

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    Next round

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    Sorry but I don't have my inserts of Bryant scanned.

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    That ultimate patch auto is's unfortunate that the auto is sticker and not an on card. Great card nonetheless. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JMac20 View Post
    That ultimate patch auto is's unfortunate that the auto is sticker and not an on card. Great card nonetheless. :)
    Yes, when I pulled the card it was a redemption. Of course pulling one only numbered to five I wanted to redeem it as quickly as I could. Fast forward to waiting and waiting for the card. I checked with Upper Deck to find about when it was to signed and was told they were working on getting it signed because the card is from the year Kobe signed with Panini.

    Waited longer and finally the card arrives! I see it is a sticker and one of the selling points of buying Ultimate was to get on card autographs. I contacted Chris Carlin to find out why it was a sticker. Basically he told me I was lucky to even get a sticker. The sticker came from the LAST signing UD had with Bryant and I was told he could have cared less about signing for UD so it was the best they could do.

    It is a super looking patch and even though a sticker, I have an autograph patch card of beauty.

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    Nice Kobe PC! My favorites are the Diamond club and ultimate patch autos, the MJ dual GU is a great card as well. It would be great to see the inserts when you get a chance to scan them :)

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