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    Recently Signed 2011-12 Certified Freshman Signatures

    I just received my Sean Couturier 2011-12 Certified Freshman Signatures card that I bought online. I noticed that card, Brandon Saad, Craig Smith, and Matt Read all have a different "gloss" on the front compared to the other Freshman Signature Cards that came out previously. These cards were all redemptions that took a while to sign and started being sold recently. I am assuming the Scheifele card, which I have not bought yet, would look similar.

    My questions are:
    1) Has anyone else noticed this?
    2) Any idea why Panini would not make them exactly like the previous cards?

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  2. Kronozio
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    1. I did not.
    2. Were any of these from the Rookie Anthology set, or were they all from the main CR set?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    Were any of these from the Rookie Anthology set, or were they all from the main CR set?
    These were all from the main Certified Set.
    They are all listed as SPs if you check the checklist on the Panini Site.
    They all started being sold withing the past couple of months, so I guess Panini finally got them signed.
    There is only one SP I have not seen yet and that is Adam Larsson D - New Jersey Devils.
    Prizm Rookie Autos 2013-14 395-Rielly

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