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    Proof that Osama Bin Laden DIED Before 02 May 2011

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    so what exactly was proof? I read the article and I didn't see any proof. It does make you wonder based off of reports that he was in such poor health in the early 2000's that he survived until his reported death many years later.

    I also don't really apply much credibility to his repeated denial of being involved in the attacks.
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    That article is lacking a lot more than just proof. It doesn't even offer anything on how or when he died. What a complete waste of 10 minutes.
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    Okay, I've officially given that website a fighting chance to give me anything worth reading. I'm kinda done now.

    There is no proof. There's barely a story told there. Maybe there might be some credibility if they had the videos they speak of. Instead, they talk about the differences, never letting you see for yourself.

    Add to that the claim of "proof" on that story and you either have journalists who don't know what "proof" meand, or a group of outright liars. Either way, that site officially sucks and isn't worth reading.
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    I'm the same way. The masthead for the site is hideous and the articles that I have read have little to no information about their wild claims in their article titles.
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