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    Trading for vintage baseball- and 2001 Fleer E-X

    E-X has been one of my favorite sets for a long time, and I have decided I want to build both the 2001 football and baseball sets, including rookies. I really don't have any yet, so if you have some for trade, even base, please let me know. Ill happily trade back cards of your team/player for the base, and for the nicer rookies, we can work on better deals.

    I also want just about any 1969 or earlier baseball, especially HOFers or pre-war stuff- but Ill trade for just about anything

    Anyone want to trade?

    When you tell me what you have, let me know what you are looking for so I can let you know what Ive got


    taking a break from trading

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    I'm mainly looking to trade for gu and auto's that I need of Orioles and baseball HOFer's. However, I will consider others that make good trade bait. Here are "vintage" baseball I have available (1969 and earlier) ---

    1969 Topps #260 Reggie Jackson "RC" (it's bv is $300. However, because of creases upper left and lower left(no trace of creases on the back), and corner wear (no layering or fuzz) I'll trade it for $100-125 in bv depending on what is offered. The color is good, and the back is fine.)

    1968 Topps #1 Batting Leaders Clemente/Gonzalez/M. Alou
    1964 Topps #3 1963 N L Pitching Leaders Koufax/Marichal/Spahn/Maloney
    1962 Topps #54 1961 N L HR Leaders Cepeda/Mays/F. Robinson

    1956 Topps #'s 19 & 43

    1957 Topps #'s 208 Lew Burdette, 206,205,204,200 Gil McDougald,196,195,193,192 Jerry Coleman,190,155,152,150 Bob Friend,148,147,145,143,137,136,133 Del Crandall,128,127

    Hope we can work out a deal/trade. Have a good night, Rodney

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    up we go

    Rodney, Ive got nothing that you are looking for
    taking a break from trading

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    I got a Vintage section in my bucket. check it out and PM me.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. If you still have them, I'd be interested in your Warren Spahn auto & Miguel Tejada gu. If they are available, what are their bv's?

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    miggy is for trade, the spahn auto isn't movable right now

    taking a break from trading

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    Thanks for the quick reply. If the Spahn becomes available plmk. I'm still interested in the Tejada, but due to postage rates, I'd rather get it in a trade of more value. Have a good afternoon.

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    i agree completely, it just isn't feasible to do small deals any more
    taking a break from trading

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    up to trade!
    taking a break from trading

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    any trade interest tonight?
    taking a break from trading

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