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    Post Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz accused of doctoring ball by TV analyst

    A day after Clay Buchholz became baseball's first six-game winner, one analyst is accusing the Boston Red Sox pitcher of doctoring baseballs. Dirk Hayhurst with Sportsnet a former pitcher, current author and analyst spotted something on Buchholz' arm in Wednesday's 10-1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

    Hayhurst tweeted: "I just saw video of Buchholz loading the ball with some Eddie Harris worthy slick'em painted up his left forearm. Wow." Sportsnet published this photo Thursday with the headline "Is Red Sox Buchholz doctoring ball?"
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    Maybe Dirk (a former Blue Jays pitcher) is just jealous because he was not successful. Clay is so happy to Farrell back as manager.

    Watch Papelbon pitch. He will put the glove under his armpit, whip his arms up and down, and then pitch. Was he using something?
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    Looks like Rosin Bag on his sweaty arm and tapping his fingers onto that. My opinion.

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    I don't get why people are getting up set. It's what pitchers do. It's what they've always done. Sometime last season, I was listening to a commentator (may have been Jim Kaat) talking about how pitchers can get better movement on a ball with a cut or rough spot on it (either caused by the pitcher, or just due to regular wear on a ball during the game). He was even bemoaning the fact that lots of pitchers these days don't know how to take advantage of a loaded/altered ball and would actually throw such a ball out in favor of a fresh one from the umpire.

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