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    meditation can be a form of prayer, you could be giving thanks, professing your love, asking for help, asking for answers.

    it can be used to calm yourself, contemplate,and some will use it to ask for help or answers.

    so, things like zazen, though not commonly though tof as prayer, could be thought as such.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    Yeah, but I can think of a chicken as a potato. Doesn't make it so.
    "He's gone crazy," "You have to snap out of it," "Take your meds," or, "Don't be such a downer" serve only to mock, belittle, and make light of mental illness. Such phrases only continue the negative stigma and keep those who suffer from getting help. If these phrases, or phrases like them, are part of your at-hand vocabulary, you are part of the problem. #STOPtheStigma

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    so you are saying those things I mentioned cannot be considered a method of prayer?

    and you can have a chicken flavored potato.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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