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    Incorrect dates on recent successes

    Not that this is a huge deal, but if people wanted a bit more accuracy, I've noticed for the last few weeks some peeps put the wrong success date for a return putting it months in the future. While I'm sure time travel is abundant where they live, it constantly shows up as the first success on the "recent success" link.

    I think whoever did it just accidentally switched numbers around.

    these be the culprits n all
    xtra-innings David Segui 2013-04-15 2014-05-03 Success 3/3 x3 cards
    nyerik123 Curtis Granderson 2013-02-25 2013-10-29 Success 1/0 Sent a nice postcard.... sent back cards unsigned

    feel free to delete this post after this is resolved

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    I was going to bring up the same thing as I check the "recent success" everyday. Not a big deal like you said but I have to stop everyday and think for a second on whether its a new success or
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    Yeah, I had messaged the one that did Granderson saying he had the wrong clue if the person read it or not.

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    I have fixed the listings. It is a simple mistake that happens from time to time.
    If you guys notice it again just send a mod an PM and they will get it taken care of.

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