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Thread: Show off ur' holy grail...

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    The two greatest players of different generations both on one card:

    Three great Twins players:

    And two of the best hitters:
    I collect: Unique Patches, Nickname autographs (not 2006 FGOTG), Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Twins, anything that catches my eye

    Currently looking for: Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, Oswaldo Arcia, Alex Meyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcp1936 View Post
    Holy God, I am jealous. Those are beautiful cards!

    Collecting pre-war, vintage and modern baseball cards.
    Currently working on the T206 set, 1975 Topps, master collections of Roberto Clemente and Robin Yount.

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    Looking for Mike Trout & Steph Curry - Red Sox RC's, autos and GU - A's Autos- Celts autos & GU - Patriots GU & Autos - Some Jets Autos - Kobe Bryant Rookie Year Cards - HOF autos, Star RC's, Star Refractors and Color Prizms & Lower numbered star cards from any sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeausouth View Post
    Holy God, I am jealous. Those are beautiful cards!

    Unfortunately you have to be a very senior citizen to have collected them as a teenager

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    The first is from my Bonds PC and the other 2 are from my HOF PC.

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    wainwright auto

    its rough and the guy who traded it to me didnt mention it either >:( but its still nice.

    i dont collect high end because i cant afford it so these are my favs.

    i do have a couple autographed baseball that are nice tho

    stan musial, bob feller, matt adams, michael wacha, ryan franklin, minnie minnoso

    also some autographed drawings i did pete kozma, ryan jackson, john mabry
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    Best 3 cards in my yankee collection.. i have a lot more memorabilia than cards

    Super Collecting:Norris Cole!
    Others:Mario Chalmers, Drew Brees, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter
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    I pitch in a few:

    With this being a baseball thread, I will throw in this card even if he was more known for football






    Black Sox 1/1

    and my number one card another 1/1

    Murder's Row



    These would be the top six cards in my collection.

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    These are not the most expensive of cards, but when I think Holy grail PC cards, I think cards that will never leave my collection under any circumstances:

    -Always wanted a Say Hey Kid Auto. Got this for graduation in high school. Parents asked what I wanted this immediately came to mind:

    The reason I am a baseball fan today. One of my best memories is when my dad took us out of school early in the third grade so we could go see Frank Thomas and the White Sox play against the O's in Baltimore. Had a few autos of his, but always wanted one with the inscription of one of the best nicknames in sports

    This is my favorite young ballplayer. Wanted an auto of his for some time and this was actually a redemption replacement. I hit a Topps Black auto of Zack Cox who was a Cardinal at the time and now a Miami Marlin. It was gonna be numbered to 25 and pretty sweet looking that I know they still haven't made the card, so asked for a replacement since I had no reason to want a Zack Cox auto and I ended up with this awesome replacement:

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