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Thread: Signed Books

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    Signed Books

    I was looking for a book last night and I stumbled upon BookCloseouts.com.
    They have a huge selection of signed books most are priced under $13. I bought 7 signed books and they already sent me my shipment conformation. They have the John Smoltz book for 12.99.

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    Nice link! Some variety on that site as Venus Williams to Snooky had autographed books!
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    I really like the site, they have signed books from Oliver North, John Lithgow, and even Steve Guttenberg. I think every body should have a guttenberg in there collection.

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    I received my book order today, they all came in great condition. Six days was pretty fast shipping, I will defiantly order from them again.

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    I haven't found a lot of threads about books on this site, and was just wondering if I'm looking in the wrong spot, or if there's just not a lot of book-talk on here.

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    Threads pop up from time to time, but signed books are not usually a topic of discussion.

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    Barnes and Noble are pre selling it says signed Reggie Jackson autobiography in October it dosent state if he signed it or the other author though any one know

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    a couple related sites:

    premiere collectibles has a great selection of signed books and at great prices

    newburry comics has alot of signed cd's at low prices.

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    I know that I have gotten a good number of authors over the years on signed bookplates. Anne Rice might have been the biggest name for me via bookplates. George Bush was another huge one for my collection. There are a good number that will send them after an email or with a SASE!
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