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    Quote Originally Posted by boetie84067 View Post
    i need some paypal. bucket is open.
    All I have asked for is prices and cards listed.

    If you have something for sale post the card and the price.

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    I have these for sale just lmk if you are interested. Thanks

    #ed 6/10 his jersey # last 2 went $64 and $86 but this is his jersey #. I could go $82 paypal dlvd

    #ed 12/25 last one on ebay went for between $145-$150. I could go $130 paypal dlvd

    #ed 31/75 last 3 sold $27, $33, and $33. I could go $25 paypal dlvd

    #ed 18/50 last one sold for $40.95 and mine has nicer patches. I could go $38 paypal dlvd.
    I collect Peyton Manning everything and Adrian Peterson Rookie Patches and Autos. I would also like to get a Michael Jordan Patch Auto for a PC item.
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    Hail. Very interested in Rice and Ryan. PM sent.

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    Purchased a few more. Anyone else looking for immediate paypal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleCaso View Post
    Everything in my Fb bucket is FS. http://s1146.photobucket.com/user/Ky...?sort=3&page=1
    Martin jumbo-$4
    Pierce auto-$3
    Turbin auto-$4
    Leshoure booklet-$6
    Gates booklet-$3
    RG3 auto-$125
    Luck BGS 10-$30
    Jrsy lot- $3
    Cox auto-$5
    Randle auto-$7
    Rudolph auto-$5
    Berry auto- $5
    Gehart auto- $2
    Mccot bgs /25-$30
    Luck McCoy and Bichette 9.5 sold to me Thanks for the great deal.

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    If you are interested in checking my bucket - let me know. If not, I understand. All is FS except my Cooley PC.
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    inserts, #'d cards, etc: Hidden Content

    #1 Redskins Collector!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlkman View Post
    If you are interested in checking my bucket - let me know. If not, I understand. All is FS except my Cooley PC.
    Checked and PM coming.

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    Check my list, I also have a few unlisted rare autos in my bucket as well.

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    Looking for everyone Anquan Boldin card I don't have, even base and inserts
    I go by SELL VALUE, book value means nothing to me.

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    Looking for $525 dlvd on this lot, will throw in some smaller stuff. LMK.

    /99 BGS 9.5/10

    /15 BGS 9.5/10

    1/1 Contenders Auto Printing Plate

    BC Gold Ref

    25/25 Rams Head Logo sick

    Prism 50/50 last one GREAT shape

    Collecting GENO SMITH and TAVON AUSTIN

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