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    One Card, Five Patches - SPGU Monster Mailday!

    As you guys probably know, I'm a big fan of this year's SP Game Used. Best crop of Josh Gorges cards in a single product in many years. It's made for some great additions to that PC, from the dual GU with Norris Trophy winner PK Subban to the SIGnificant Numbers auto jersey to the Supreme Patches. Yes indeed, much for a fan to collect.

    This was a card that I knew I had to have as soon as I saw it. I hemmed and hawed a bit on the price, but in the end, very well worth it, I think. Heck, it's a part of three main current player PC's, how could I not want it?

    A preview, COA style...


    This leaves me with just one more card to left to acquire - the Sixes that also features the three ugliest Bruins players you can imagine. But the good side has PK, Carey, and Josh. *sigh* The things I do...

    Thanks for looking! Comments always appreciated!
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    beautiful card with wonderful swatches! congrats on landing one
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    SO nice!! And very decent patches........congrats man!!
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    I love that they're all multi-coloured pieces. The Gorges and Subban are really stellar - throughout SPGU there's a lot of nice P.K. stuff (as my great and good friend habsmtl09 can attest, what with his 7(?) Supreme Patches) - and the other guys do OK on this card as well.

    Anybody seen the Habs/Bruins Sixes Patch?
    Carey Price fan and collector - want your hard-signed autos!
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    That's a heck of a pickup for the PC, great find!

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    Siiick siiickkk,congrats
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    I wonder if it was an error that the names on one side are white and a bigger/different font?

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    Oh no, I feared some Habs love in this thread and it is present! At least there's some Danish dynamite on that card, although I think he's overrated by all Danish hockey fans (except me, haha). Nice pickup, Richard!

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