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    looking for tebow autos from 2011 and 2012

    lmk if you have anything available
    i collect ny islanders and goalies

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    I have this for $80 paypal dlvd. Just lmk if interested.
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    I collect Peyton Manning everything and Adrian Peterson Rookie Patches and Autos. I would also like to get a Michael Jordan Patch Auto for a PC item.
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    im gonna pass its a nice card im just not a fan of the plates and patches stuff thanks for the reply :)
    i collect ny islanders and goalies

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    only autos? hb cheaper rc's and base? I would sell pretty cheap since im getting rid of most of my stuff and I have a Tebow pc, I have a GU to but yeah.
    I PC: LIONS (recent players or good past players) Hankerson, Kirk Cousins, Torrey Smith, Aaron Dobson. T.Y. Hilton, also like Keenan Allen. Looking for stuff that catches my eye

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