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Thread: Still Need To Move

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    Still Need To Move

    Guys and Gals, iam still moving stuff for cheap and I still have to before the months up. I dont like the situation as much as anyone, I dont wish being a victim of identity theft on anyone, so all of you since there have been a lot of cases lately, PLEASE be careful, it can cripple you even if its for a month. Either way everyone please check my bucket out and come get some big pieces for great prices. Thanks to the people who already helped out I didnt forget about any of you either.

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    How much for
    Osweiler GU
    Von Miller Pro Bowl Jumbo GU
    Main PC: Broncos/Montee Ball/ Derek Carr/Chrome RCs
    LF: TJ Ward/
    Demaryius Thomas/Aqib Talib/Broncos rookie color chrome

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    Where are you referring to my friend?

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    Any fathers out there, I will hook you up with a fathers day discount

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