The checklist of on-card autographs that have arrived back at Panini America HQ in recent days is as impressive as it is varied. Hall of Famers from multiple sports. Legendary actors. Up-and-coming superstars. A jockey. And the products they represent — 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball, 2012-13 Elite Series Basketball, 2013 Cooperstown Baseball, 2013 Golden Age Baseball, 2012-13 Prime Hockey — are kind of a big deal, too.

To help invigorate your Saturday morning, below we’ve offered the handsome handiwork of all-time greats such as Tony Gwynn, Steve Carlton and Bob Gibson (the first three returns for the upcoming 2013 Cooperstown Baseball), Roberto Alomar (whose 2012 Cooperstown Baseball autos arrived too late for last year’s product so they’re going into 2013), Magic Johnson, George Karl, Grant Hill and Jerry Lewis.