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    Selling/Trading BGS 9.5 Stamkos SPA FWA

    Entertaining the idea of selling my BGS 9.5 Steven Stamkos SPA FWA. Looking to see if I can land something of Crosby or Connolly if I am trading but please no more than 2 cards. Willing to look through Buckets. PM works best.

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    Can you pm me a trade value and a cash value? Thx
    LTTF on card autos stars, rookies, HOFers , guys with nice autos...from The Cup, NT, Classic signatures, Private signings, FWA, Penpals, Prime Numbersakes, especially 90s stars and HOFers, original 6 teams. I DONT collect sticker AU, or jersey cards.
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    Nothing there for the Stamkos.

    Quote Originally Posted by grabner40 View Post
    interested, check my trade page out, all scans:

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