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    High Ends from My PC For Sale.. Cup SP Rookies YG Rainbows HG Kopitar Doughty Quick +

    Decided I think I am going to try and sell a lot of my pc so this is the first post. There will be more coming so keep an eye out ;) I am doing this away from home and realize I am missing some scans so I will add them later when I get a chance.

    I am in no hurry to sell so don't bother with lowball offers. I can offer better prices with multiple purchases.

    Prices do not include shipping

    Send me a pm if you're interested in anything

    $250 Kopitar YG Rainbow HG /10 Exclusive /100 Regular YG

    $225 Doughty YG Rainbow HG /10 Exclusive /100 Regular YG

    SOLD Brayden Schenn YG Plates X2 1/1 HG YG /10 Exclusive /100 regular YG

    SOLD Brayden Schenn French YG Plate 1/1 Red Exclusive /25 and regular

    SOLD Jonathan Bernier HG YG /10 exclusive /100 regular YG

    $40 Kyle Clifford HG YG /10 Exclusive /100 Regular YG

    $30 Kyle Clifford French YG 1/1 Plate Red /25 and Regular YG

    $65 Jake Muzzin Plate 1/1 HG YG /10 Exclusive /100 Regular Yg

    $15 Jake Muzzin French YG Red /25 and regular yg

    $40 Alec Martinez HG YG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $90 Dwight King YG Plates X3, HG YG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $60 Oscar Moller Plate 1/1 HG YG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $40 Brian Boyle HG YG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $60 Peter Harrold Plate 1/1 HG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $60 David Booth HG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $40 Scott Parse HG YG /10 Exclusive YG /100 Regular YG

    $100 Mike Richards Expo YG /10 and Regular YG (no scan of this at the moment but we know what the regular looks like)

    $25 Brady Murray HG YG /10 and Regular YG (ignore the need exclusives, old scan)

    $30 Pushkarev YG Plate 1/1 Exclusive /100 and Regular YG

    Cup Auto Patch Rookies:

    $750 Kopitar SP /99 4 Colors

    $400 Doughty SP /99 2 colors

    $225 Mike Richards /199 2 Colors

    $200 Jeff Carter /199 2 Colors

    $275 Jonathan Bernier /249 4 Colors

    $60 Jack Johnson /249 Awesome Patch

    $30 Kyle Clifford /249 3 Colors

    $25 Alec Martinez /249 3 colors

    $25 Oscar Moller /249 Nice Patch

    $25 Trevor Lewis /249 3 colors

    Jonathan Quick BAP RC Players Club /10…Taking SERIOUS Offers. The other 4 are also Available

    Jonathan Quick BTP Complete Logo 1/1..Taking SERIOUS Offers

    $500 Bobby Ryan Hot Prospects Auto Shield Rc 1/1
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    Bumping. Schenns sold and Bernier rainbow pending sale

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    PM coming.
    Thanks to nyr4life for the amazing banner!
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    (Not looking for any multi-player cards)

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    Replied to your pm, let me know when you can. Thanks!

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    How much for the regular bap quick rook?
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    looking for 07 08 artifacts parralel rookies. lmk what u got. tonnes of cards if u want something particular ask and ill let you kno what i got

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    I will send you a pm, thanks.

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