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    Trilogy 3 Boxes... oh some /3 Pucks

    So I ended up doing three boxes of Trilogy... Everything is for sale only.

    Base Autos & Rookies


    Crystal and Ice Scripts

    Comments appreciated :)

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    Killed the break! Price on couture auto and ducks triple GU?

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    Great stuff my friend!
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    Whats your price on the laughton rc's and the barber auto Thanks
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    ice breaks looks like a great product
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    Nice break!
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    Laughtons available?
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    Nice pucks... too bad the players are meh <g>.

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    That Boedker autographed puck card is gorgeous! I don't collect Boedker anymore but still kept most of my collection. Who knows, maybe I'll add to it again someday.
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    Please pm me the price of the backes auto and bruins triple.
    I can only afford to trade to Canada with trades BV 50 or more.

    always lookin to trade Hidden Content

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