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    Selling Some Great Cards for a Friend

    All sold! Thanks so much!
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    Hey i'll take a PM on the DLV price on the Vorachek to Canada.

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    Will you take $55 for the Wheeler and Read cards?Is that damage under the name on the Skinner?
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    im interested in the kadri the smith and the muller. would you do 100
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    looking for 07 08 artifacts parralel rookies. lmk what u got. tonnes of cards if u want something particular ask and ill let you kno what i got

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    Ill take the Voracek if it's still available. Thanks
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    Your friend Sure has alot of Good hockey?

    I guess he Doesnt have any "baseball"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mint39 View Post
    Your friend Sure has alot of Good hockey?

    I guess he Doesnt have any "baseball"
    Haha. I've got a lot of friends with a lot of different kinds of cards! Mostly highend

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