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    Have his SPA FW Auo Rookie
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    Thanks, but I already have a copy of that card

    Quote Originally Posted by rookmyster View Post
    Have his SPA FW Auo Rookie
    Collector of:
    Twins (9 1/1s), Chris Herrmann (26%), Justin Morneau (just starting), Michael Cuddyer (also just starting),
    sets, Wild, North Stars
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    Hi, me again. I have these 3:
    2012-13 Prime Duals #11 Fowler/Zucker /200
    2012-13 Rookie Anthology Elite Rookies #39 /999
    2013-14 Upper Deck #134
    I also have some Wild jersey cards if you're interested. Do you have any hockey FT?

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    I have his upper deck young gun. Let me know if you need it.

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