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    ITG 90s decades help

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could help me with this product. I was wondering which players on the base checklist are wearing a sharks uniform. I have so far the following

    Arturs Irbe
    Jeff Odgers
    Owen Nolan
    Patrick Marleau
    Vincent Damphousse

    If anyone knows of any others please let me know, it is possible that these are the only 5
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    Odgers and Hayward are Sharks for sure.
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    Yeah I think I have those 2 and Irbe. Not sure on the rest though
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    Don't forget Patrick Marleau.
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
    Need Barrasso ITG Used Nameplates and Crosby NT Base Silver, Gold, Emerald

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    ah yes, how could I forget

    I updated the first post with the 5 I found. Only looking for base set checklist so this might be all there is
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