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    What single card can 140 paypal get me?

    Says it all in the name looking for the best card 140 paypal can get me.

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    Got this duchene 1/1
    Always looking for (High Ends, NO SINGLE COLOR) :
    Stamkos and Subban auto /RCs/Patch High ends.

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    im on my phone so i cant post a scan but theres one in my bucket: RNH/RNH DUAL SOTT
    I am always interested in buying Mid-High End Resale Lots. Autos, Patches, Auto-Patches, etc

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    PM sent.

    looking for: Ultimate Signatures, Ultimate Rookies, Ultimate Collection base,
    6/07 Parkhurst Autos, OPC Team Canada Signatures, some OPC Signatures,
    09/10 Clearly Canadian and 12-13 & 13-14 Enshrinements.
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    PM sent.

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