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    Marketing 101, people think expensive = higher quality, but a hard signed Roy/patch is just that regardless of whether you hit from SPa or The Cup, some of the SP stuff looks better than the Cup....but if you love a rush of gambling and hitting a ARP 11/99 of Gallagher or who ever and can afford it, have at it!!
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1

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    Gretzky signed his Cup cards today:

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    Wonder if he is p'od Mario is on top? ;P That tag will be a lottery winner!...looks like his sig has changed a fair bit...
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyes View Post
    Wonder if he is p'od Mario is on top? ;P That tag will be a lottery winner!...looks like his sig has changed a fair bit...

    Talent first, hard work below it. Lol

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    Collecting High-End Salming Game Used Mem/Auto cards

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    I'm gonna get up on my jaded high horse, so here goes:

    BACK IN MY DAY, when I was a kid, I started to seriously collect hockey in 92/93. Back then, Score was a mid-range product for 75 cents a pack. If you wanted the high-range stuff, UD Series II, it was $1.25/pack. Per pack of 16 cards. Once Topps Finest and Emotion came out, things got serious. Those packs ran for about $3-$4/pack, and a box of 36 packs (less for Emotion) of 8 cards could actually cost up to about $75. The "big" hits back then were 1/box parallels and super-rare cards Serial #'d out of 10,000.

    Now, if you open a pack of cards that cost $450 for 5 cards and don't get the gold parallel serial #'d 1/1 auto super prism 4-color patch of the day's hot rookie (who will be worthless in a month because he's no longer the hot rookie), your cards are basically worthless. And yet people buy, and buy, and buy, and then complain about how much money they spent on the product. And you know what? It kills the hobby.

    When I was in my heyday, I opened EVERYTHING. You could afford to do so on an average blue collar salary. I'll use 94/95 as an example.
    I probably did 20 boxes of 94/95 Pinnacle, a few cases worth of 94/95 UD, 10 boxes of Finest, 20 boxes of 94/95 Score, a crap load of 94/95 Select, a few cases worth of 94/95 SP (Sergei Samsonov rookies, HELLO!), etc. Nowadays, if I want to do 2 boxes of Upper Deck, I'm out a day's salary. I get 24 packs of 6 cards, and I'd better hope there's a rookie in that box if I want to make it worth it, because base cards, inserts, parallells, and most RC's nowadays have no market value any more.

    As much as other people may love it, I wish there was a way to have a worldwide boycott of products like The Cup, SPGU, etc. so that we didn't have a caste system amongst collectors, and reduce the amount of collectors who have been strong-armed out of the hobby by companies who say things like, "Well, you can open our crap, cheap, boring products like UD's only $1.75/pack."

    /end rant.

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    ^ not so sure it kills the hobby, I am grateful for the peeps with deep pockets who crack open tons of boxes and than sell some sick hits on ebay, sometimes for a song...and if I do want a Cup rc for my team pc, say a Marchand, I can buy Exactly what I want for $150 on ebay without having to gamble $500 on such a long shot!!

    For most part I am not a flavor of the month RC chaser anyway, happy to collect my favorite products spectrum/15 patches, and a few rc's, from Artifacts which fits my budget. And the idea that Victory or OPC is crap, why? Because the cost is "cheap"?
    I don't think they are crappy just because The Cup exists, one of my fave cards is an OPC Krug RC rainbow #100.

    It is all relative, if a wealthy guy wants to pay 5 mil for a Ferrari, to me its just another red Ferrari that is worth 3 million as soon as he drives it out the lot, and makes my black 67 Mustang all the more cool...or my mint OPC Robitaille rc I paid 10 bucks for at a flee market all the more intrinsically valuable.

    just my 2.4 cts
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecoolio View Post
    Who is that old man signing Gretzky's cards?!
    Well he is 52 years old, and you have to factor in all the times he has scored...with his play bunny wife, and the young Oiler's were renowned for their off ice "play" as they were on it. You have to figure he has packed in about 10 lives of living already, than you have his daughter Paulina giving him grey hairs everyday, surprised he doesn't look like he is 92!!!
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1

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    There are so many booklets this year! Thats going to be amazing!
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    Collecting all Blue Jacket cards

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