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    Question inserts 90's

    What are the best looking insert cards for you from mid-end 90's?

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    Off the top of my head I remember loving the 95-96 Zenith Z-Team inserts. Very cool looking card and remember it was a difficult pull.
    Main wants: Chris Terreri (everything), Henrique, Patrik Elias, Reid Boucher, Jon Merrill, Eric Gelinas, Mike Modano and will always look at traders.

    Lets go Devils!

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    99/00 UD MVP SC had some really nice ones................

    And MVP did too...............

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    My personal favorite from 93-94 Donruss.
    Scans do not do justice upon this beauty.
    Looking for: Erik Karlsson (Main PC), Mika Zibanejad (Secondary PC), JG Pageau, Kyle Turris and Cody Ceci
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    I collect all Montreal Canadien. Hidden Content for player, teams you collect

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    Pacific has some great looking rare inserts...
    like 97-98 Omega Stick Handle Laser-Cuts or 99-00 Dynagon Ice Lords of the Rink as example.

    95-96 Select Gold Team is also insane!
    Stacking the Pads (from 2 different seasons) isn't shabby either, yes I do love Dufexs!

    94-95 Leaf Gold Stars has always been a favorite for me since I for first time glanced at them during dec-1994!
    PC-PLAYERS: Tom Barrasso & Johan Hedberg - Hidden Content
    *12-13 THE CUP - PROPERTY OF... - T.BARRASSO 1/1 -

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    96-97 Donruss Canadian Ice O'Canada

    96-97 Donruss Elite Painted Warriors

    96-97 Summit In The Crease

    97-98 Donruss Preferred Color Guard

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