I'm looking to buy for resale, but not looking to rip anyone off. i will check buckets, or look at offers. If you ask me to check your bucket, heres a few things to expect. i will get a list of cards id be interested in. i will make an offer at around 20% off ebay AVERAGE Auction Sell Prices. i do not include buy it now, best offers, or auctions from Big boyd sports cards on ebay. I will use buy it nows, or best offers if there is just no auction style sells.

I am not buying junk GU & autos at this time. looking for stuff with atleast a $5-$10 sv but will buy some lower end stuff with a lesser sell value if im getting a few higher end cards. I dont do this to make a living, i do this to try to make this hobby as self sustaining as possible for me.

$200 Available right now. possibly a little more if the deals right. but not much. Will buy all major sports. ive bought from quite a few people on here, i believe they would all say im fair and very easy to work with!