Ohhhh baby. 1 of 1. Incredible card of Captain Joe Thornton!
2010/11 Dominion Printing Plates Black
Card Number: 81
Serial Number: 1/1
Printing Plate Black

Only card in the world. Not much else to say about that. The card is in perfect condition and is pretty much the coolest and best card I have pulled. It is just a great feeling knowing you have the only one. I would be keeping it BUT...I am trying to raise some extra money to put towards my girlfriend's engagement ring so I am putting some of my nicer cards up for sale. You can check out a couple of pics of this awesome Thornton card on my photo bucket at the link below:


That is the actual card you will receive, including the magnetic one-touch plastic loader. PM me with any offers. I won't be offended so please don't be shy. All offers will be considered as you know where the money is going!

Thanks for taking a look and hope to hear from you!