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Thread: Shout out to lil5up3rman

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    Shout out to lil5up3rman

    Last Week Dan aka lil5up3rman asked for my addy so he could send out a small something.

    It arrived today and a welcomed item for the next few days...

    A Official NFL Steelers Scarf!

    Once again Dan THANK YOU!

    Sorry for no photos
    Collecting Ben Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch
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    Nice gesture by Daniel. Awesome to see there are good people in this hobby.
    Looking for 49ers Auto's & Patches, Frank Gore, Marcus Lattimore, Michael Crabtree, Quinton Patton, Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald, Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Aldon Smith, Eric Reid

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    Looking to trade for or buy these low end letterman cards. This is a project, not looking to trade for great players, and not trading my good players away. Thank you! 2-D, 1-N
    Please, just return a reply or pm, even if just to say no thanks.
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    Congratulations to both of you...

    -Robert Lewis
    I collect:
    T206 / Detroit Tigers / Alan Trammell

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