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Thread: 2013 Topps Tribute for trade

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    2013 Topps Tribute for trade

    Hello, just cracked a box all relics/autos are for trade they are:

    •Aroldis Chapman sweet spot swatches 9/10
    •Jim Rice auto 12/35
    •Johnny Bench 23/50 blue bat relic
    •Adam Jones auto 67/99
    •Chris Sale auto 33/50

    photo 2.jpg
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    is the chapman a multi color patch? i'm interested in the sale auto. check my trade list for the sale
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    I pc Miguel Cabrera. Only trading sale booklet for an amazing card
    I usually can only ship on weekends. Unable to ship until next weekend

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    PCMB for the Rice auto

    thanks, John
    Always trading for HOF Autos and Gued I need for my PC. I trade bv:bv, more or less. Heavily your way my regular issues,inserts, parallels for your hof autos that I need.
    Sorry, but only trading in the US
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    Who/what are you looking for in trade? I ask because I don't have a "bucket" or complete trade list. I'm interested in these - Rice auto, Bench gu, and Adam Jones auto. What are their bv's? Hope we can work out a deal/trade. Have a good evening.

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    Check my photobucket for the Bench bat. PM me so we can work something out.

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    Cmb for the rice auto
    Collecting Twins autos and patches and star autos/patches
    see my photobucket here -
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    Base FT? Lmk thanks!

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars and Hall of Famers!

    My links

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