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    Hockey game used jerseys, patches, autos, inserts, numbered

    Hey everyone.....with the USPS intl. shipping rates, I'm not having much success selling hockey, especially if its not from brand new products or high end.

    If anyone is interested in buying inserts, jerseys, autos, patches, please send me a pm and we'll try to discuss. I will be able to give you a better idea of quantity, names, etc.

    PLEASE SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. If looking for a certain player, please don't waste your time. I'm looking for someone, particularly in Canada who wants everything. This stuff would sell great in Canada, or as a Canadian ebay seller.

    Always looking for HIGH END Andrew Luck autos, Jose Fernandez, Dylan Bundy, Oscar Tevares, Josh Bell, Carlos Martinez high end chrome autos

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    pm me a list and asking price thanks
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    pm me list and price: shipping to US is going to save you tons of $$$
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