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    Cheaper shipping itnernationally for U.S. sellers.

    Hello all,
    I just had a conversation with another member about this topic and at the advice of a Andrewconnors09, I figured I would start this thread in the hopes it may help some of you.

    Let me preface this by saying I don't know if it will work everywhere. I'm sure many post offices are far firmer with their definitions of shipping methods than mine. I use a contract post office (which isn't technically a post office, just a sub contracted unit of the USPS.) Therefore, they are a little more lax on the rules then going to an actual P.O. and don't offer as many services. However, all of the packages/envelopes/ect.. still have to go through the main Buffalo N.Y. post office for sorting. For me that says if it can pass through their sorting and make it to it's destination, then the main post office branches should be able to ship it this way...

    I've been sending cards out as "large envelopes" and haven't had a problem with any coming back. The key to sending it this way is that the envelope can not be too thick and must be bendable. If you're sending out the equivalent of 4-5 cards in top loaders in a bubble mailer, it shouldn't raise too much of an issue. If you have to ship more then 4-5 cards you can try lining them up in the mailer so that the envelope is still flat and bendable enough to make it through the machines/not arouse suspicion.

    I have sent many many cards this way and have not had one come back yet. That's not to say your post office won't give you a hard time about it, because they very well might ( I guess TECHNICALLY it shouldn't be charged this way) but again, I haven't had issues. If the post office gives you a hard time, you may want to just go into your post office and ask for individual international stamps and see if you can get away with just dropping them in a mailbox. A single card like a young guns costs $2.25 to send to Canada, and jersey/patch sized is $2.45.

    I hope this helps, as I think it's ridiculous it's so expensive to send a card any other way. Hopefully some of you have some success with this and can save some $$ shipping to our friends up north, which obviously accounts for much of the hockey market.
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    Any Post Office worth it's salt will not allow this. This is about the 20th time we have discussed this on here, all with the same results.

    It's Post Office by Post Office

    The Parameters for large envelope are greater than 11 X 13 inches, and nothing else. My PO stops me dead in my tracks if I try to pull this nonsense. It's right on the USPS Website in very plain print, and also on the Clerk Diagram at each Till.

    If you get away with it, then you are fortunate as 95% of everyone else does not. I am fortunate that my PO allows me to use Non-Machinable, but they won't put up with trying to send a "0" or a "00" Bubble as a large envelope.

    Most of the poor members on here cannot even get the Post Office Clerk to punch the Non-Machinable button, let alone deal with Large Envelope. Some USPS Clerks when you start running options by them may work you for every cent and only allow you International Package rate, and nothing else.
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    such a shame too about postal rates, have seen many cards sell on the bay for a buck that i would gladly pay $5 for but i refuse to pay 12 dollars for shipping. they dont realize that they are losing 60-75% of their potential buyers who like me are not gonna pay that much.

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    I have now *successfully* sent several cards to Canada in a cardboard DVD mailer with decoys for protection (sleeve, top loader, team bag, decoys taped to outside) with a Global Forever stamp plus a 21-cent stamp to cover the non-machineable surcharge - $1.36 total. Just sent one to Finland the same way and am keeping my fingers crossed.
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    I send large envelope through one of the self serve kiosk all the time never had one come back
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    When mailing #00 mailers with 4 cards or less I just buy the international stamps and put 2 of them on. Mail them around the world. Key is to drop them in the Mailbox right outside of the PO.
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    I do the large envelope thing as well, except i use a piece of cardboard like the box flap kind an cut a whole the size of a top loader into the cardboard an just place the cards inside an wrap with tape. Then i put it around some paper so it seems like a document booklet. Cards stay in place an i never get questioned at the post office.
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