I have always collected Cam Barker. There are a few of his cards i have never seen. So i figured i would check here to see if anyone has ever seen any of these. or if you know if they were even made.

1. 09-10 SPA SOTT Eights Tony Esposito/Denis Savard/Bobby Hull/Andrew Ladd/Doug Wilson/Cam Barker/Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane

2. 09-10 SPA SOTT Fives Blake Wheeler/Alex Ovechkin/Cam Barker/Andrew Ladd/Evgeni Malkin

3. 09-10 Trilogy Clear Cut Autographs Quad Toews/Kane/Skille/Barker

4. 09-10 Trilogy Clear Cut Autographs Triple Wheeler/Malkin/Barker

Thanks for any help.