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    Looking to buy

    Have $85-$100 paypal to spend this week. Looking to buy decent cards to resell. Looking to pay around 80-85% of recent ebay sales. Not looking for junk just decent players or cards within my range. Also looking for 2011 gold standard 14k gold piece autos of some of the lower players if anyone has any. Will check buckets.

    I am only buying cards that are nrmt-mint condition. If the cards have any flaws please let me know before I buy otherwise when card is received I will contact you and leave negative feedback if I must. Have had too many deals lately people sending damaged cards with chipping or dings that I was unaware of before I made the deal

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    PM coming your way please lmk either way. Thanks

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    CMB. I'm just getting started again, so I've mainly got topps chrome. Take a look. Thanks!

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    chris-pm replied
    stadiumsports-pm me a price on the mark ingram bgs 9.5 auto, cordarrelle patterson auto, eddie lacy jersey
    cag1987-nothing for me right now

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