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    Autographs and Game Used Cards FT (Looking for Cardinals)

    All listed below are for trade. I don't necessarily haev to get autos and game used in return. I will entertain trades for rare Cardinal inserts and serial numbered parallel cards:

    1993 Stadium Club 23 Autographed (Certified by TREAT..retail product) Chad Curtis (ANGELS)
    1998 Donruss Signature NO # Autograph Todd Greene (ANGELS)
    1998 Donruss Signature NO # Millenium Marks Autograph #ed 0484/ Ken Cloude (MARINERS)
    1999 Bowman BA50 Certified Autograph Issue Ben Petrick (ROCKIES)
    2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars 156 Autograph Rookie subset (250 signed) Mike Penney (BREWERS)
    2001 Royal Rookies 31 Autograph #ed 100/5950 Shawn Sonnier (ROYALS)
    2001 SP Game Bat Milestone B-KG(M) Bound for the Hall Game Used Bat Ken Griffey, Jr. (MARINERS)
    2002 UD Ballpark Idols JGO Uniform Sluggers GU jersey Juan Gonzalez (RANGERS)
    2003 Bowman Chrome 348 Refractor Autograph 1st yr card (500 signed) Bryan Bullington (PIRATES)
    2003 Bowman's Best BB-JG RC Autograph Joey Gomes (RAYS)
    2003 Finest FRU-MM Authentic GU Uniform Mark Mulder (A's)
    2003 Leaf 2 Clubhouse Signatures BRONZE Franklin Nunez (PHILLIES)
    2003 Studio BLC-47 Big League Challenge Worn Practice Jersey patch #ed 74/100 Lance Berkman (ASTROS)
    2003 Topps Pristine PBS-TG1 Bomb Squad GU Bat Troy Glaus (ANGELS)
    2003 UD Finite FS-SZ Finite Signatures Shane Bazzell (A's)
    2004 Bowman's Best BB-CMA Autograph RC Craig Ansman (DIAMONDBACKS)
    2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber 79 Bronze Autograph #ed 37/100 Scott Posednik (BREWERS)
    2004 Fleer Inscribed NGJ-HN Names of the Game GU Jersey (Gold foil) #ed 150/150 Hideo Nomo (DODGERS)
    2004 Leaf 51 Autograph JC Romero (TWINS)
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials 80 Mirror GOLD autograph #ed 18/25 Jae Weong Seo (METS)
    2004 Upper Deck OR-TH Origins GU jersey Tim Hudson (A's)
    2004 UD Vintage SSM-16 Stellar Stat Men jersey Rafael Furcal (BRAVES)
    2005 Bowman SOF-JJ Signs of the Future Autograph Justin Jones (TWINS)
    2005 Bowman Sterling BS-CH First year Card Autograph CJ Henry (YANKEES)
    2005 Donruss Rookies 31 Autograph Tim Bittner (ANGELS)
    2005 Finest 152 Refractor Autograph #ed 322/399 Chad Orvella (RAYS)
    2005 Fleer Patchworks PO-KG Property GU Jersey Khalil Greene (PADRES)
    2005 Fleer Platinum DD/SS Diamond Dominators GU jersey (blue) Sammy Sosa (CUBS)
    2005 Leaf 220 Prospect Autograph Hector Gimenez (ASTROS)
    2005 SP Authentic 116 SP Autograph RC #ed 81/185 Dave Gassner (TWINS)
    2005 Studio 80 Autograph Bubba Nelson (REDS)
    2005 UD ESPN GU-JK Swatches GU jersey Jeff Kent (DODGERS)
    2005 UD Pros & Prospects FF-KE Future Fabrics GU jersey Austin Kearns (REDS)
    2005 UD Trilogy FU-JG Generations Future Autograph #ed 022/199 Jared Gothreaux (ASTROS)
    2006 Bowman Originals 595 Encased 2005 Bowman Heritage RC #281 -- Autographed #ed 15/50 Matt Maloney (PHILLIES)
    2006 Bowman Sterling BSP-BM Prospects Autograph Brandon Moss (RED SOX)
    2006 Flair Showcase SS-KG Showcase Stitches GU jersey Ken Griffey, Jr. (REDS)
    2006 Flair Showcase SS-TH Showcase Stitches GU jersey Todd Helton (ROCKIES)
    2006 SP Authentic BL-JG By the Letter Autograph "E" #ed 22/175 Jonny Gomes (RAYS)
    2006 Topps '52 52S-CM Autograph Chris Mabeus (BREWERS)
    2006 Topps '52 52S-EF Autograph Emiliano Fruto (MARINERS)
    2006 Topps '52 52S-JS Autograph Josh Sharpless (PIRATES)
    2006 Topps '52 52S-TM Autograph Tom Mastny (INDIANS)
    2006 Topps Co-Signers 105 Base Rookie Card Autograph Jason Botts (RANGERS)
    2006 Topps Co-Signers SS-SO Solo Sigs Autograph Scott Olsen (MARLINS)
    2006 Ultra FG-JR Feel the Game GU jersey Jose Reyes (METS)
    2006 Upper Deck SA-JL Star Attractions GU jersey Javy Lopez (ORIOLES)
    2006 Upper Deck UD-RB Game Materials GU Jersey Rafael Palmeiro (ORIOLES)
    2006 UD Future Stars 102 Clear Path to Greatness Signatures Autograph (RC) Ruddy Lugo (RAYS)
    2006 UD Future Stars 137 Clear Path to Greatness Signatures Autograph (RC) Scott Dunn (RAYS)
    2006 UD Ovation SS-DD Spotlight Signatures Autograph David DeJesus (ROYALS)
    2006 UD Ovation OA-BA Apparel GU jersey Jason Bay (PIRATES)
    2006 UD Ovation OA-EC Apparel GU jersey Eric Chavez (A's)
    2006 UD Ovation OA-RH Apparel GU jersey Ryan Howard (PHILLIES)
    2006 UD Ovation 102 Gold Rookie Autograph #ed 89/99 Jose Capellan (BREWERS)
    2006 UD Special F/X SE-BL Special Endorsements autograph Boone Logan (WHITE SOX)
    2007 Bowman Draft BDPP106 Future's Game Prospects Relic jersey Michael Saunders (MARINERS)
    2007 Bowman Draft SOF-AM Signs of the Future Autograph Carlos Villanueva (BREWERS)
    2007 Bowman Heritage PG-CT Pieces of Greatness GU bat Chad Tracy (DIAMONDBACKS)
    2007 Bowman Heritage SG-CS Signs of Greatness autograph Chorye Spoone (ORIOLES)
    2007 Bowman Heritage SG-SK Signs of Greatness autograph Sean Kazmar (PADRES)
    2007 SPX WM-JT Winning Materials GU jersey #ed 108/199 Jim Thome (WHITE SOX)
    2007 Tristar Prospects Plus 17 Green Parallel Autograph #ed 34/50 JP Arencibia Auburn Doubledays (JAYS)
    2007 Tristar Prospects Plus FH-DM2 Farm Hands Autograph SP Daniel Moskos (PIRATES)
    2007 Tristar Prospects Plus FH-DW Farm Hands Autograph Duke Welker State College Spikes (Pirates)
    2007 Tristar Prospects Plus FH-JS Farm Hands Autograph Joe Savery Williamsport Crosscutters (Phillies)
    2007 Tristar Prospects Plus FH-JS3 Farm Hands Autograph Josh Smoker Vermont Lake Monsters (Nationals)
    2007 Tristar Prospects Plus FH-NR Farm Hands Autograph Neil Ramirez (RANGERS)
    2007 Ultra 223 Autograph (RC) (retail) Juan Salas (RAYS)
    2007 Ultra 227 Autograph (RC) (Hobby) #ed 77/299 Gustavo Molina (WHITE SOX)
    2007 Upper Deck UD-CL GU Jersey Carlos Lee (ASTROS)
    2007 UD Artifacts AF-HG Autofacts (Autograph) Hector Gimenez (ASTROS)
    2007 UD Elements AU-CW Elemental Autographs Chase Wright (YANKEES)
    2007 UD Premier 145 Autograph #ed 01/25 Josh Barfield (INDIANS)
    2008 Bowman Chrome BCP250 Prospects Autograph Tim Bascom (ORIOLES)
    2008 Bowman Chrome BCP277 Prospects Autograph Bradley Suttle (YANKEES)
    2008 Bowman Sterling BS-JMR RC Autograph Justin Ruggiano (RAYS)
    2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 81 Turn of The Century Autograph #ed 347/844 Ray Kruml (YANKEES)
    2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 75 Aspirations Die Cut Autograph #ed 36/100 Mitch Abeita (YANKEES)
    2008 Donruss Threads 81 GU BAT #ed 136/500 Jose Tabata (YANKEES)
    2008 Donruss Threads 119 Autograph base card #ed 822/999 Keaton Hayenga (ROYALS)
    2008 Donruss Threads 122 Autograph base card #ed 487/875 Andrew Romine (ANGELS)
    2008 Donruss Threads 78 Threads Signatures Gold autograph #ed 155/975 Fernando Garcia (ROYALS)
    2008 Donruss Threads 79 Threads Signatures Gold autograph #ed 911/999 Jairo Heredia (YANKEES)
    2008 Donruss Threads 80 Threads Signatures Gold autograph #ed 437/975 Jesus Montero (YANKEES)
    2008 Donruss Threads 81 Threads Signatures Gold autograph #ed 292/975 Jose Tabata (YANKEES)
    2008 Donruss Threads 97 Threads Signatures Gold autograph #ed 389/975 Abrahan Almonte (YANKEES)
    2008 Razor AU-GL Metal Exclusive Autograph Garrison Lassiter (YANKEES)
    2008 SP Authentic 106 SP GU-Autograph RC #Ed 683/799 Brian Bass (TWINS)
    2008 SP Authentic 117 SP Rookie autograph RC #ed 3/50 David Purcey (JAYS)
    2008 SPX WM-HB Wiinning Materials GU jersey #ed 28/125 Hank Blalock (RANGERS)
    2008 SPX WM-JH Wiinning Materials GU jersey #ed 57/150 Jhonny Peralta (INDIANS)
    2008 Stadium Club 151 Autograph RC Emmanuel Burriss (GIANTS)
    2008 Stadium Club 152 Autograph RC Elliot Johnson (RAYS)
    2008 Stadium Club 154 Autograph RC Darren O'Day (ANGELS)
    2008 Stadium Club 156 Autograph RC Burke Badenhop (MARLINS)
    2008 Stadium Club 170 Autograph RC Greg Smith (A's)
    2008 Stadium Club 177 Autograph RC Jonathan Albaladejo (YANKEES)
    2008 Stadium Club BTA-GP Beam Team Autograph Glen Perkins (TWINS)
    2008 Sweet Spot SS-JP Sweet Swatch Memorabila jrsy (Away--tan) Jake Peavy (PADRES)
    2008 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-CS Relic GU Jersey Curt Schilling (RED SOX)
    2008 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-TT Relic GU Jersey Troy Tulowitzki (ROCKIES)
    2008 Topps Chrome 234 Autograph (RC) Callix Crabbe (PADRES)
    2008 Topps Moments & Milestones RA-JM Milestones Rookie Autographs Jonathan Meloan (DODGERS)
    2008 Topps Moments & Milestones RA-RT Milestones Rookie Autographs Rich Thompson (ANGELS)
    2008 TriStar Projections 6 Autograph Taylor Grote GCL Yankees (Yankees)
    2008 TriStar Projections 26 Autograph Austin Krum Staten Island (YANKEES)
    2008 TriStar Projections 17 Green parallel Autograph #ed 324/50 Bradley Suttle GCL Yankees (Yankees)
    2008 TriStar Projections 211 Green Reflectives parallel Autograph #ed 47/50 Zolio Almonte GCL Yankees (Yankees)
    2008 TriStar Projections 2 Orange parallel Autograph #e 2/5 Carmen Angelini GCL Yankees (Yankees)
    2008 Upper Deck INK-SO Inkredible autograph Jorge Sosa (METS)
    2008 Upper Deck 97-HK Game Jersey Hong-Chih Kuo (DODGERS)
    2008 Upper Deck 98-CF Game Jersey Chone Figgins (ANGELS)
    2008 Upper Deck UDJ-ES Game Materials Ervin Santana (ANGELS)
    2008 Upper Deck UDJ-JH Game Materials Jeremy Hermida (MARLINS)
    2008 Upper Deck UDJ-JL Game Materials James Loney (DODGERS)
    2008 Upper Deck UDJ-MN Game Materials Mike Napoli (ANGELS)
    2008 Upper Deck USJR-GL USA Junior National Team GU Jersey Garrison Lassiter -- USA --
    2008 Upper Deck USJR-JM USA Jr National Team Relic jersey Jeff Malm -- USA --
    2008 Upper Deck USJR-RG USA Jr National Team Relic jersey Robbie Grossman -- USA --
    2008 UD Spectrum SDS-SH Spectrum Dual Swatches #ed 53/99 *JJ Hardy / Ben Sheets * (BREWERS)
    2008 UD Timeline 105 ('92 UD style) Autograph RC Clay Timpner (GIANTS)
    2008 UD Timeline 116 ('92 UD style) Autograph RC German Duran (RANGERS)
    2008 UD Timeline 181 ('95 SP Top Prospects style) Autograph RC Brandon Boggs (RANGERS)
    2008 UD Timeline TM-IS Memorabilia GU jersey Ian Snell (PIRATES)
    2008 UD X UDXM-LG GU jersey Luis Gonzalez (MARLINS)
    2008 UD X TR Signatures Ramon Troncoso (DODGERS)
    2009 Bowman Chrome BCP120 Prospects autograph Jason Knapp (PHILLIES)
    2009 Bowman Sterling BCR-RM Baseball Classic Relic Russell Martin -- Canada --
    2009 Bowman Sterling BCR-YG Baseball Classic Relic Refractor #ed 49/125 Yulieski Gourriel -- Cuba --
    2009 Bowman Sterling BSP-PV Prospect Autograph Pat Venditte (YANKEES)
    2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 4 Rookie Autograph #ed 715/840 JR Murphy (YANKEES)
    2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 144 Rookie Autograph #ed 146/750 Luke Murton (YANKEES)
    2009 SP Legendary Cuts DHM-JT Destined for History GU jersey (with pinstripe) Jim Thome (WHITE SOX)
    2009 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-JU Relic GU jrsy Justin Upton (DIAMONDBACKS)
    2009 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-MTE Relic GU jrsy Miguel Tejada (ASTROS)
    2009 Topps Heritage CC-CU Clubhouse Collection GU jersey Chase Utley (PHILLIES)
    2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom TSP2-8 Ticket 2 Dual GU jrsy #ed 46/224 Howie Kendrick (ANGELS)
    2009 Topps Unique PTP-72 Prime Time Patches (baby blue GU jersey-patch) #ed 47/50 Carlos Delgado (METS)
    2009 Upper Deck MB Inkredibles Autograph Marlon Byrd (RANGERS)
    2009 Upper Deck GJ-KG UD Game Jersey Ken Griffey, Jr. (WHITE SOX)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-CR Game Materials GU jrsy Bobby Crosby (ROYALS)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-DL Game Materials GU jrsy Derrek Lee (CUBS)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-EC Game Materials GU jrsy Eric Chavez (A's)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-JW Game Materials GU jrsy Jake Westbrook (INDIANS)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-PK Game Materials GU jrsy Paul Konerko (WHITE SOX)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-RB Game Materials GU jrsy Rocco Baldelli (RED SOX)
    2009 Upper Deck GM-ZG Game Materials GU jrsy Zack Greinke (ROYALS)
    2009 Upper Deck NBA-VC 20th Anniversary Retrospective Sports Memorabilia GU jrsy Vince Carter Nets
    2009 Upper Deck 18U-CG USA Baseball 18 & Under Team GU Jersey Cameron Garfield -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck 18U-MP USA Baseball 18 & Under Team GU Jersey Mike Purke -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-CC USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Christian Colon -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-CH USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Chris Hernandez -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-HM USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Hunter Morris -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-KD USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Kentrail Davis -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-KG USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Kyle Gibson -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-MM USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Mike Minor -- USA --
    2009 Upper Deck USA-RL USA Baseball National Team GU Jersey Ryan Limpkin -- USA --
    2009 UD A Piece of History 111 Violet Rookie Autographs Phil Coke (YANKEES)
    2009 UD A Piece of History 143 Blue parallel autograph RC #ed 5/99 Fernando Perez (RAYS)
    2009 UD A Piece of History FH-KG Franchise History GU jersey #ed 39/180 Khalil Greene (PADRES)
    2009 UD Ballpark Collection 218 Quad GU jersey #ed 230/400 *Kendrick / Kinsler / Sanchez / r Escobar * *Angels/Rangers/Pirates/Braves*
    2009 UD Signature Stars 195 Autograph RC James McDonald (DODGERS)
    2009 UD Signature Stars IMP-JT Impressions Autographs JR Towles (ASTROS)
    2009 UD Signature Stars GJU-14 USA 18U GU jersey Brian Ragira -- USA --
    2009 UD Signature Stars UFWA-11 USA National Team Future Watch Patch Autographs (3-color) #ed 19/50 TJ Walz -- USA --
    2009 UD Spectrum SS-DU Swatches GU jersey (w/pinstripe) Dan Uggla (MARLINS)
    2009 UD Spectrum SS-JT Swatches GU jersey (w/pinstripe) Jim Thome (WHITE SOX)
    2010 Bowman Chrome BCP181 Prospects Autograph TJ McFarland (INDIANS)
    2010 Bowman Chrome BCP200a Prospects Autograph Everett Williams (PADRES)
    2010 Bowman Platinum BPA-RP Prospect Autographs Rich Poythress (MARINERS)
    2010 Bowman Platinum BPA-SH Prospect Autographs Steven Hensley (MARINERS)
    2010 Bowman Platinum PAR-AM Prospect Autograph-GU jrsy REFRACTOR #ed 701/740 Andrew Maggi -- USA --
    2010 Bowman Sterling 10 RC Autograph Jose Tabata (PIRATES)
    2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 25 Franchise Futures Autograph #ed 310/819 Deangelo Mack (YANKEES)
    2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 40 Franchise Futures Autograph #ed 516/816 Rob Segedin (YANKEES)
    2010 Topps PPR-AS Peak Performance GU jersey Alfonso Soriano (CUBS)
    2010 Topps PPA-BPA Peak Performance Autograph Bobby Parnell (METS)
    2010 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-BB GU Relics (jersey) Billy Butler (ROYALS)
    2010 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-SD GU Relics (jersey) Stephen Drew (DIAMONDBACKS)
    2010 Topps Chrome 182 Rookie Autograph Variation Brennan Boesch (TIGERS)
    2010 Topps Chrome 202 Rookie Autograph Variation Drew Butera (TWINS)
    2010 Topps Heritage FSR-BR Flashbacks Stadium Relics Brooks Robinson (ORIOLES)
    2010 Topps Pro Debut PDA-DC Autograph David Cook Corpus Christie Hooks (Astros)
    2010 Topps Pro Debut PDA-JM Autograph Jesus Montero Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Yankees)
    2010 Topps Pro Debut PDA-JT Autograph John Tolisano (JAYS)
    2010 Topps Update AS-AG All-Star Stitches GOLD GU #ed 26/50 Adrian Gonzalez (PADRES)
    2010 Tristar Obak A29 Autograph #ed 14/125 Jared Mitchell (WHITE SOX)
    2010 Upper Deck UDGJ-RH Game Used Jersey Roy Halladay (JAYS)
    2011 Bowman BPA-BBR Prospect Autographs Brett Brach (INDIANS)
    2011 Bowman BPA-JS Prospect Autographs Josh Sale (RAYS)
    2011 Bowman BPA-TT Prospect Autographs Tyler Thornburg (BREWERS)
    2011 Bowman Chrome BCP169 Prospect Autograph Shaeffer Hall (YANKEES)
    2011 Bowman Chrome BCP214 Prospect Autograph Brandon Laird (YANKEES)
    2011 Bowman Chrome 18U-18 Gold Refractor USA Autograph #ed 32/50 Cody Poteet ** USA **
    2011 Bowman Chrome 18U-8 Xfractor USA Autograph #ed 12/299 Carson Fulmer ** USA **
    2011 Bowman Draft BPA-CBM Prospects Autograph Chris Balcolm-Miller (RED SOX)
    2011 Bowman Draft FGR-HA All-Star Futures Game Jersey Henderson Alvarez (JAYS)
    2011 Bowman Draft FGR-DP All-Star Futures Game Jersey BLUE #ed 19/199 Drew Pomeranz (INDIANS)
    2011 Bowman Platinum BPA-BHO Prospect Autograph Refractor Brad Holt (METS)
    2011 Bowman Platinum BPA-DJ Prospect Autograph Refractor Dickie Joe Thon (JAYS)
    2011 Bowman Platinum BPA-DM Prospect Autograph Refractor Deck McGuire (JAYS)
    2011 Bowman Platinum BPA-HN Prospect Autograph Refractor Hector Noesi (YANKEES)
    2011 Bowman Platinum BPA-JP Prospect Autograph Refractor Jimmy Paredes (ASTROS)
    2011 Bowman Platinum BPA-AD Prospect Autograph Green Refractor #ed 250/399 Anderson Feliz (YANKEES)
    2011 Topps MGL-CU Leather Nameplate Chase Utley (PHILLIES)
    2011 Topps T60R-MG Topps 60 Relics (GU jersey) Matt Garza (RAYS)
    2011 Topps T60R-MR Topps 60 Relics (GU jersey) Diamond Parallel #ed 21/99 Mark Reynolds (ORIOLES)
    2011 Topps TLMP-BMA Throwback Manufactured Patch (ORIOLES PATCH) -- Series 1 Brian Matusz (ORIOLES)
    2011 Topps TLMP-CLE Throwback Manufactured Patch (ASTROS PATCH) -- Series 2 Carlos Lee (ASTROS)
    2011 Topps TLMP-ML Throwback Manufactured Patch (PADRES PATCH) -- Series 2 Mat Latos (PADRES)
    2011 Topps TLMP-TC Throwback Manufactured Patch -- Series 2 Trevor Cahill (A's)
    2011 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-AB Framed Mini Relic GU jersey Adrian Beltre (RANGERS)
    2011 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-XN Framed Mini Relic GU jersey Xavier Nady (DIAMONDBACKS)
    2011 Topps Chrome 183 Rookie Autograph Variation base card Jordan Walden (ANGELS)
    2011 Topps Chrome 184 Rookie Autograph Variation base card Eric Sogard (A's)
    2011 Topps Gypsy Queen GQA-DD Certified Autograph David DeJesus (A's)
    2011 Topps Gypsy Queen GQA-JJ Certified Autograph Josh Johnson (MARLINS)
    2011 Topps Heritage CCR-AR Clubhouse Collection Relics (GU bat) Alex Rios (WHITE SOX)
    2011 Topps Heritage CCR-JJ Clubhouse Collection Relics (GU bat) Josh Johnson (MARLINS)
    2011 Topps Lineage 52A-DD 52 Autographs David DeJesus A's
    2011 Topps Pro Debut MM-NF Minor League memorabilia (GU jersey) Nick Franklin W. Tenn. Diamond Jaxx (MARINERS)
    2011 Topps Pro Debut SSA-CC Solo Signature Autograph #ed 109/199 Cito Culver (YANKEES)
    2011 Topps Update AS-20 All-Star Stitches GU CJ Wilson (RANGERS)
    2012 Bowman Chrome BCA-NT Prospect Autograph Nick Travieso (REDS)
    2012 Bowman Platinum AP-JM Prospect Autographs Jermaine Mitchell (A's)
    2012 Bowman Platinum AP-MM Prospect Autographs Mikie Mahtook (RAYS)
    2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 29 STATUS Blue diecut Autograph #ed 25/50 Martin Agosto (GIANTS)
    2012 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 80 Autograph #ed 197/496 D'Vone McClure (INDIANS)
    2012 Prizm (Panini) JN Autograph Joe Nathan (RANGERS)
    2012 Topps GMR-TL Golden Moments Relic GU Jersey Tim Lincecum (GIANTS)
    2012 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-KF Relics - Gam Used Jersey Kosuke Fukudome (CUBS)
    2012 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-RPE Mini Framed Used Memorabilia Richard Petty *Nascar Racing Champion*
    2012 Topps Archives 56R-THU Relic GU jersey Torii Hunter (ANGELS)
    2012 Topps Chrome 161 Rookie Card Autograph Variation Jordan Pacheco (ROCKIES)
    2012 Topps Gypsy Queen GQA-JB Autographs Joe Benson (TWINS)
    2012 Topps Gypsy Queen GQR-CW Relic GU jersey CJ Wilson (RANGERS)
    2012 Topps Heritage CCR-NM Clubhouse Collection GU Bat Nyjer Morgan (BREWERS)
    2012 Topps Mini MA-31 Autographs Ricky Weeks (BREWERS)
    2012 Topps Pro Debut PDA-KW Pro Debut Autograph Keenyn Walker Kannapolis Intimidators (WHITE SOX)
    2012 Topps Update BP-16 Blockbusters Manufactured Patch Ivan Rodriguez (MARLINS)
    2012 Topps Update BP-24 Blockbusters Manufactured Patch Steve Carlton (PHILLIES)
    2013 Bowman Chrome BCA-TH Prospect Autograph Tyler Heineman (ASTROS)
    2013 Bowman Platinum BPAP-BL Prospect Autograph Barret Loux (CUBS)
    2013 Bowman Platinum BPAP-TM Prospect Autograph Trevor May (TWINS)
    2013 Bowman Platinum BPAP-DH Prospect Autograph Green Refractor #ed 335/399 David Dahl (ROCKIES)
    2013 Select (Panini) 205 RC Autograph #ed 31/750 Chris Leroux (PIRATES)
    2013 Select (Panini) 243 PRIZM parallel RC autograph #ed 84/99 Shawn Tolleson (DODGERS)
    2013 Select (Panini) TY Select Signatures Tyler Flowers (WHITE SOX)
    2013 Topps Allen & Ginter AGR-JHK Mini Framed Relic GU jersey Jeremy Hellickson (RAYS)
    2013 Topps Gypsy Queen GQMR-RN Mini Framed GU jersey Ricky Nolasco (MARLINS)
    2013 Topps Gypsy Queen GQA-WR Autograph Wilin Rosario (ROCKIES)
    2013 Topps Gypsy Queen GQR-SM GU Jersey Shaun Marcum (BREWERS)
    2013 Topps Gypsy Queen GQR-YA GU Jersey Yonder Alonso (PADRES)
    2013 Topps Tribute TA-BBU4 Autograph Billy Butler (ROYALS)
    2013 Topps Tribute TA-FJ Autograph #ed 30/99 Fergie Jenkins (CUBS)
    2013 Topps Tribute TA-WM2 BLUE parallel autograph #ed 12/50 Will Middlebrooks (RED SOX)
    2013 Topps Tribute FB-AD Famous Four-Baggers Relic (Dual GU Jersey) #ed 10/25 Adam Dunn (WHITE SOX)
    2013 Topps Tribute FB-JBE Famous Four-Baggers Relic (Dual GU Bat) #ed 1/50 Johnny Bench (REDS)
    2013 Topps Tribute TTSR-RHO Tribute to the Stars Relic GOLD Game Used Jersey #ed 8/25 Howard Johnson (PHILLIES)
    2013 Topps Triple Threads 116 RC Jersey-Autohgraph #ed 61/99 Yonder Alonso (PADRES)
    2013 Topps Triple Threads TTUJR-CH Unity Jersey Relic #ed 20/36 Corey Hart (BREWERS)
    2013 USA Baseball Champions (Panini) CHR Stars & Stripes Autograph #ed 639/672 Christian Lopes -- USA --
    2013 USA Baseball Champions (Panini) 19 Game Gear GU Jersey Tyler Naquin -- USA --
    2014 Donruss BR Donruss Signatures Autograph Bruce Rondon (TIGERS)
    2014 Donruss VP Donruss Signatures Autograph Vinnie Pestano (INDIANS)
    2014 Donruss WH Donruss Signatures Autograph Willie Horton (TIGERS)
    2014 Topps Tribute TTR-JVE Titans Relic GU jersey #ed 71/99 Justin Verlander (TIGERS)
    2013 Elite Football Torey Smith Gridiron Gear GU jersey #ed 28/49 (RAVENS)
    2012 Topps Chrome 41 Autograph Ray childs RC (VIKINGS)
    2012 Prestige 265 Rookie Autograph - Orson Charles #/840 (BENGALS)
    2012 Topps PPR-MI Prolifi Playmakers Relic GU jersey - Mark Ingram (SAINTS)
    2011 Prestige Inside The Number Jersey - Andre Johnson #/250 (TEXANS)
    2011 Rookies & Stars Rookie Auto Alex Green #/299 (w/Packers Manuf. Patch) (PACKERS)
    2011 Topps RR 184 Jamie Harper Rookie auto (TITANS)
    2010 Certified #150 Bo Scaife GU jersey #/250 (TITANS)
    2010 Certified #138 Brian Orakpo GU jersey #/250
    2009 Donruss Elite 20 Matt Hasselbeck GU jersey 3/299 (SEAHAWKS)
    2008 UD UDRJ-MF Matt Forte Rookie GU jersey (BEARS)
    2008 Bowman Fabric of the Future FF-EB Gu Jersey - Earl bennett (BEARS)
    2006 Hot prospects WR-80 retrospectives Gu jersey - Isaac Bruce (RAMS)
    2006 SP Authentic SP-CW - Autograph Charlie Whitehurst (CHARGERS)


    2012-13 Prestige Prstigious Picks Auto andrew Goudelock (LAKERS)
    2009 UD 20th Anniversary GU Jersey Vince Carter (NETS)
    2008 Sports Legends 39 Bobby Wanzer Autograph #/658 (ROCHESTER)
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    will check and pm
    I prefer trades with at least $30 bv to make the postage worthwhile. PWE trades ok for small trades. I do not need to "win" a trade, this is not life and death and not an investment to me, just a hobby. Have fun and be fair with me.

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    I have interest in your Josh Sale Auto $10, Mikie Mahtook Auto $12, Will Middlebrooks Auto $15, and Matt Garza GU $8 cards.
    My blog trader page should be fairly up to date. Thanks.


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    stewart20rulz- I am interested in the Jenkins Auto and the Bench GU. Can you use any of these:

    04 Upper Deck Marquee Attraction Pujols GU BV $20.00
    06 Greats of the Game Cardinals Greats Memorabilia McCarver Pants BV $8.00

    93 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle #7 Ozzie Smith/Listach BV $15.00
    94 SP Holoviews #36 Ozzie Smith BV $8.00
    97 Donruss Rookie Diamond Kings Canvas #9 Dmitri Young BV $12 (Only first 500 were canvas)
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Will make this trade ;

    You get ;
    2014 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Framed Autographs #AGAKW Kolten Wong (Cardinals)

    I get ;
    2014 Topps Tribute TTR-JVE Titans Relic GU jersey #ed 71/99 Justin Verlander (TIGERS)

    PLMK and I will post . Also , send my card in a Plain White Envelope as bubble envelopes from US to Canada are insanely expensive . Thanks .

    Garrett Cull (Bless You Boys)

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