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    Is There A Worse Player In The NHL Than Kyle Clifford?

    What was LA thinking?

    I'd rather have a bucket of steam than that Thumber. If you know anybody as completely useless, please list away.

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    Any logical reason why you say Clifford?
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    Yeah, some guy who plays a full season must be doing something right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    Any logical reason why you say Clifford?
    I believe cygnusx1 said it best in a previous discussion:

    "Doesn't matter; centrehice > logic."
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    He must bring something to the table if Smilin Sutter has him in the line-up....:P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    Any logical reason why you say Clifford?
    He's horrendous

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    Are we just throwing the words terrible and horrendous out there just to throw them out there or do you have anything to back up those claims? Have any video clips to show these terrible plays or any stats that we can compare with other players of his age/position/salary? What is it that makes you say he's so bad, is it stupid penalties, bad skating, poor shooting, just a poor all around player? What is it? (sorry don't watch many Kings games or focus on Clifford so not familiar with why he's so bad apparently).

    And to your question of is there a worse player, I can think of two off the top of my head, Jakub Kindl and Brain Lashoff. Sure they aren't wingers like Clifford but its constant mistake after mistake after mistake. Then of course there's Quincey who's been getting very slightly better defensively but you can still count on a stupid penalty from him in the last 5 minutes of a crucial game.

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    Well its all black n white eh? yeah eh...Nooooo! How many stats would need to be algorithm-ed out to know who exactly is The Worst....For 6 Mil you can get 12 G and a Minus 19 from Heatley, for comparison you could have Big Joe, or Seguin who is now 4th in league pts...
    Cap hit, contract, plus/minus, giveaways, Hits per Game, Penalties Drawn per/G, etc etc
    For what it is worth, Clifford is a role player but gets a regular shift because he is responsible defensively, a + 8, and is a relentless forechecker....So he must be able to skate at least better than John Scott and a bunch of other hacks that can do NOTHING but fight.
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