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    The Definition of a Zach Attack

    As some of you may know, I collect Zach Bogosian.

    Due to a lot of circumstances developing lately for me, I have had the pleasure of being able to pick-up tons of nice pieces to enhance my PC. Thanks to a lot of friendly traders on SCF, as well as other places, I have made some massive additions to the Bogo collection. So I would personally like to thank everybody for having a hand in growing my hoard, as it is truly turning into something I am very proud to own.

    Anyways, enough of the jibber jabber and on to the colour and ink!

    13-14 Totally Certified Zach Bogosian Parallel /35

    13-14 Upper Deck Zach Bogosian High Gloss /10

    08-09 SP Game Used Zach Bogosian Ruby Rookie /25

    09-10 Be A Player Zach Bogosian Autograph

    09-10 Upper Deck MVP One on One Bogosian/Weber Dual Autograph

    08-09 Upper Deck Ice Zach Bogosian Glacial Graphs

    10-11 Crown Zach Bogosian Heirs to the Throne Purple Jersey Auto /50

    08-09 Zach Bogosian ITG Heroes and Prospects Silver Jersey

    07-08 ITG Heroes and Prospects Zach Bogosian Game Used Number Silver /9

    08-09 SPX Zach Bogosian Spectrum Patch Auto /25

    08-09 Ultimate Zach Bogosian Ultimate Debut Threads Patch /50

    08-09 Ultimate Zach Bogosian Autographed Ultimate Rookies Patch /25

    08-09 Ultimate Zach Bogosian Signed Ultimate Debut Threads /10

    08-09 The Cup Zach Bogosian Limited Logos /50

    08-09 The Cup Zach Bogosian Scripted Swatches /25

    08-09 The Cup Zach Bogosian Quad Foundations Jerseys Auto /10

    08-09 The Cup Zach Bogosian Quad Cup Foundations Patch Auto /5

    08-09 The Cup Zach Bogosian Jersey Numbered Auto Rookie Patch /4

    If you made it this far - phew! Thanks for the view. I really appreciate it. And remember, if you got any Bogo, I am your guy.

    Best of luck in your collecting!
    All the best,

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    WOW! Very nice pick ups! Always nice to knock off parallels off the wantlist! Also some very freaking sweet patches on a lot of them! Most of all Congrats on the Cup Parallel /4 I imagine that is one of his most sought after RC parallel cards and seeings as there's only 4 of them thats a huge pick up!
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