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    Hello from Texas..

    Just joined the site, looking forward to possibly trading with some of you. I collected baseball memorabilia in my younger years and I mostly collect football in my more recent years. Favorite team would be the Saints but I collect players from all teams.

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    Hey Daniel, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!


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    Welcome to SCF. Nevermind just noticed the team lol.
    If interested in trading PLEASE provide a Trade List or Page.
    I trade by BV or @ least try to when available.
    Cards FT/FS-
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    Welcome to the site! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Welcome to SCF! Looking forward to potentially making some football trades in the future. Enjoy!
    Collecting Giants mainly Rueben Randle and Andre Williams.. Also interested in Jason McCourty and Devin McCourty, as well as Avalanche GUs/Autos.
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    Welcome to SCF Daniel, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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    Greetings! Welcome back to SCF. LMK if I can be of assistance.
    Andrew Bailey: 195/240 not including 1/1's (81.3%); 209/436 cards including 1/1's(47.9%)

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