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    FT-Wings for Wings Trade Thread!

    As the main post say's, looking to trade some of my Red Wings cards, either I have extra base/RC's/AU/GU or just looking to shake my PC around and if your a red Wings fan also looking to change things up, maybe this is what your looking for.

    Like I have 10 Brendan Smith Rookies that are GU or AU and #/ I honestly have one that I will bank on and hold for life, but the others may come to use to somebody else.

    This thread is not just for me, but for other members of Red Wings fans who are looking to do the same. :)

    My Bucket:

    Lets keep it close to BV not SV, Pm works best! GO WINGS 14-15!

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    Still looking to trade Wings for Wings I dont have, lmk what you got!

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    If the Dougie Hamilton Select is available please check out my tradelist for it. Link in my sig.
    I can only afford to trade to Canada with trades BV 50 or more.

    always lookin to trade Hidden Content

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    To the top, let's make some trades

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    I sent you a PM with links to my wants and trader spreadsheets.

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    Few trades made, still looking

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    Made a few Wings for Wings trades, anyone esle?

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