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Thread: Group Breaks

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    Wow, that looks awesome. Too bad I can't do it because I need 50 trades. Do you do any basketball products?

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    When I can find something that will give everyone a shot at a hit/decent card as well as at a good price...
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    Sounds great, I can't wait to get 50 trades done to do this.

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    I know this is a year too late, but Enigma, that's a terrible description of a group break. It is not defined as "everyone buys in on a box and based on what amount they spend, they get the right to choose the card or cards they want from it."

    Group break is where everyone participating in the break puts in an amount of money to buy either a box or a case. Enigma's version is just one variation of a group break. Others include random drawings for teams or specific cards. In that such scenario, everyone puts in the same amount of money per team (usually price of box divided by number of sports teams in the appropriate league).

    I hope SunsChamp has done one by now and understands the correct definition of a group break.
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    *I KNOW THE THREAD IS OLD, I am newer on here though*
    I have 0 feedback on here but have done 150 plus cases successfully on youtube, so I agree that it can be a big scam w/ the wrong ppl but 0 feedback doesn't mean anything. Are you all going to devise another way to allow members to get 'perma-permission' to host these (well, clearly if there was ever a prob you could take it away) but maybe a logo thing on the left side certifying somebody as legit? Just a thought.
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    I don't mean to be rude, but shouldn't it be our choice on who to trust or not? I mean if someone is willing to pay somebody with no feedback or anything to do this then that should be their right. At the same time, I can understand where you guys are coming from. It just seems like if nobody in their right mind would do that, then there shouldn't need to be a rule that it can't be done. It seems pointless to me.

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    No objections from me either way. I'll join anyone's group break if I feel the organizer is trust worthy. BTW when is the next group break? I'm itching for some new cards after being away from this hobby for about 5 years and with no decent card shop in my country (Thailand). Let's get it on! :-)
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