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Thread: Show and Tell Game

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    Show and Tell Game

    This is a chance for everyone to show off their personal collection and have some fun. The rules of the game are post an image of one card from your personal collection. Then the next post must use either the first letter of the the previous players first or last name (the same player may be posted many times in a row) in the new player's first or last name. You may post as many times in a row as you want. This will be a great chance to show off everyone's personal collection.

    Please post the name of the player in case it is hard to determine who it is in the scan.

    Thanks and lets have some fun and see some great cards!!!!

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    For those of you that know me you could have guessed I would start out with some Sweet Spot Autos.

    Andre Dawson Sweet Spot Auto #12/75

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    Bobby Doerr Sweet Spot Auto #08/35

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    Bruce Sutter Sweet Spot Auto #22/35

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    Gavin Floyd Sweet Spot Auto Red Ink #13/35

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    Fred Stanley Sweet Spot Auto #96/101

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    Thanks Dumb Bald Guy for not making me the only one posting!!!!!!

    Red Schoendienst - Sweet Spot Auto Glove #13/25

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