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    Had income tax return for all of 2 hours! Never go to card show with that much money!

    Hi guys, I've been gone for awhile. I had to sell off most of my collection due to divorce, and other obstacles. But now life is going good, new job, new house, etc. In the last couple months I've quickly been building a new collection. Income tax return came in today, and well, it's gone now. But it was fun! Enjoy!

    And if that was not enough, I've laid awake many nights dreaming about this card! Getting this regraded by the way, only 16 ever graded by PSA, only 6 higher, I believe this is at least a 3, I will update after resubmit, AWESOME eye appeal! Thanks for watching!

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    For some reason these didn't post the first time....

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    Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing
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    Wow, that is fantastic stuff. Sorry to hear about your previous collection, that's ruff.

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    kid in a candy store! Nice collection unreal Cobb... i want one too

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