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Thread: My Verlander PC

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    My Verlander PC

    This is my Verlander PC:

    I have put this together in only two years. I was out of the hobby for a while, but got back into it in 2011. The Verlander collection started out as just one card of my favorite player and has grown into an obsession, and an expensive one at that!

    Now that Ben Verlander was drafted, I am now supercollecting two players.

    I swear, Topps and their five million different parallels for each card will be the death of me!

    Thanks for looking, and if you have a card I don't, we need to talk!

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    I want ALL of your Verlander cards, even base! PM me if you have any.

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    Great collection! And I agree I think Topps has gone overboard with the parallels. They are slowly becoming Donruss of the early 2000s with too many parallels.
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    sweet pc. All of my Luke Hochevar PC is about 20 more cards than your 2013. Overdone with parallels
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    Awesome PC!!

    I have an extra one of these:

    2005 Topps Pristine Justin Verlander Rare Base Auto #'d /100 RC

    Looking for $100

    LMK if you are interested.


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    Nice PC! I actually have a piece in my PC that Ben is in, as he was in the NY-Penn All-Star Game this year with Michael Yastrzemski. I nabbed one of the programs from the game when it popped up on the Bay. Good luck with your continued success in your collection!

    By the way, if you have the complete checklist that his minor league card was in, I'd be more than happy to add it to our Inventory Manager database!
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    Always looking for any memorabilia that I don't have to add to my PC!
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