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    Haha thanks buddy :)
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    and this insane card ! :)

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    Some of my non-show stamped 1/1s and non-printing plate:



    Not too bad, always hoping to add more!
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    Irbe Supercollection Hidden Content
    Bruce's Goaltending Museum: Hidden Content

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    I can play along a bit. PC's first...

    Irbe - not that many but nice ones

    Rinne - a few of these
    11-12 Certified:

    10-11 Certified:

    10-11 Limited:

    11-12 Limited:

    Other Miscellaneous 1/1's:








    And the Newest Edition and Oldest...Jeff Hackett:

    I think that's it :)

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    Keeping the the Hurricanes theme.

    My Cam Wards not including show stamps and printing plates

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    Thrak360, aka Brad
    Blackhawks personal collection
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    Hockey cards for trade
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    I pulled these both in the same month:

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    Collecting all Flyers Cards
    PC: Broad Street boys

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    Pulled this from one of my BTP boxes some time ago:

    Jake Allen - Martin Biron - Rob McVicar - Danny Aus den Birken
    Between the Pipes Series (2006-07 - 2013-14)
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    Here's my most recent 4 from a 2 box case.

    TOP WANTS 07/08 ITG Ultimate Cornerstones /9
    any and all

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    Ive only ever bought one box of Between the Pipes but pulled a Tony Esposito Vintage Patch Gold. Didn't know it was 1/1 until I looked it up
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