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    These signatures are the greatest!

    I received a few of National Treasures Greatest Signatures auto cards in exchange for Sedin redemptions that Panini was unlikely to fulfill, and I really liked the clean look of these cards, the decent checklist, and the attainability of the set with most x/25 and only a few SP out of x/10... all are hard signed and live which is especially cool, so I decided to chase the whole set. I've got a couple still incoming (CuJo and Bernie Parent - may be a little while as they need to make their way to COMC first and then to me) so figured I'd show what I've got so far, and hopefully inspire someone out there to part with a Patrick Roy x/10 which is the final card I still need to complete the set!

    First the x/25's (not shown CuJo and Parent still incoming)

    And then the SP's x/10... if you have the Roy or can point me to any who has it I'd me most grateful!

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    Any Sedin 1/1 or game worn letter
    02-03 BAP Sig Series Team Quad TQ14 x/10

    Collecting Lord Stanley's Mug - master set progress. Main Set: 98.9% ... Gold Parallels: 90.9%

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    Those are just beautiful, I love the Hull & Yzerman & Mario the best!

    Dave, do ya maybe think you could leave some cards for the rest of us?


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