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Thread: April PC pickups

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    April PC pickups

    All of the following cards have arrived since Expo ended. I was quite excited to add a Nathan Horton 1/1 and the Ovechkin net cord this month, also a Horton buyback rc, and finally an Ovechkin ultimate in the numbers card I've been looking for since it was released. As always comments and thoughts are appreciated.

    06-07 Horton SPXcitment 16/99 (jersey number)
    08-09 collectors choice prime choice reserve (Horton, Vokoun, Booth)
    15-16 ovechkin fleer showcase base
    15-16 ovechkin fleer showcase Flair showcase row 1
    15-16 ovechkin fleer showcase Flair showcase row 1 blue /99
    15-16 ovechkin fleer showcase Flair showcase row 1 jersey sp 1:307
    15-16 ovechkin spx base card
    15-16 ovechkin spx stick wizards base card
    15-16 ovechkin spx name on the front base card
    11-12 Horton itg ultimate 11th edition tag and auto 1/1
    Horton ITG history of hockey buy back card - 03-04 parkhurst rookie
    15-16 Ovechkin spgu winter classic net cord
    06-07 Ovechkin itg ultimate 7th edition in the numbers /9

    collect Ovechkin, Matt Johnson and Nathan Horton
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    That Ovechkin net cord is a very cool card! Great photo!

    Looks like a nice month!
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    Some sweet cards for sure!! Congrats on the new additions..

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    Congrats on all the PC additions! That Tag/Auto of Horton is simply outstanding!
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