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    My quick visit to the TO card show!

    Hi all,

    Had a blast today at the card show! Lots of vendors with a decent mix of stuff (lots of low and mid end stuff)! Best part is getting to meet some forum members, like Canadian Kid and Dudical!

    Anyways, here are my 2 pick ups from today's show!

    Stamkos rookie limited logos:

    Stamkos cup rookie /91 (because I can't afford one of the regular ones!!)

    Come visit next time or if you're a member who went today who I might have missed, let's arrange a chit chat next time you go!

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    Can't do much better than that for Stamkos! Very nicely done. I like how both of these patches are equally insane. These cards didn't miss a beat. Two solid pickups, congrats!
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    Hopefully I will be able to get around to going in the next year or two, never been there but I've seen videos on youtube and it looks like a blast. I have a great time at the tiny local card shows so I could only imagine being at something of that scale.

    Beautiful pickups.

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    Sweet pick ups,Matt!

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    Nice to meet ya! I could only stay for the hour, but will definitely PM you next time I'm thinking of going.
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