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    OPC Platinum: I see RED but I am NOT mad! Oh man!!! Finally!!!!

    What a day at the local. Stopped by for Optics football but sold out so I buy a few packs of Contenders and hit a 2/5 auto of Antonio Brown! Just in time for the playoffs. Also busted eight packs of Totally Certified basketball and hit a PC of local hero 22/25 Dirk Nowitski auto.

    But over the past few years I have bought more hockey than anything so I walk down to the hockey section. Owner was to restock Trilogy but hadn't and with inventory coming up, he had cleaned out the back room. Found were five boxes of OPC Platinum. That is a fun product to open but I finished the set long ago.

    Sitting there was an open box with four packs. I bust three and hit a couple nice TRAXX cards. So with nothing else in the store that I wanted I thought why not try ONE MORE LAST 2015-16 Box just for grins. Price was lower as it was only $75.00 a box.

    As mentioned I had busted three packs so I take enough out of the box or what I thought was enough to get the box price. Some nice hit but I had not yet pulled the auto when I finished opening the 20 packs.

    So sitting in front of me was four packs. What the heck bust those as well and hopefully the auto will be in there.

    IT WAS!!!!

    First pack


    Okay now I am done with 2015-16 for sure!

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    WOW!!! Never leave packs behind - imagine how brutal that would have felt if you left it for someone else. LOL
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    Oh man this is just excellent ! !

    Congratulations on this huge McDavid auto! Very nice product to boot :)
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