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    Jake Gardiner PC

    Hello all.

    Here is my current status on my main player PC of Jake Gardiner.

    Currently own 194 different cards Including:

    1/1 Cards - 4
    1/1 Printing Plates - 12
    Panini Stickers - 2

    Every Gardiner card I have will be pictured, starting with the 15-16 Season and working down to his Rookie Season of 11-12. I'm still looking to fill quite a few gaps so if you have anything that you don't see below please don't hesitate to pm me as I'm always willing to try and work out a deal.

    3 0f 6 Total Cards Owned (Not Including 1/1 Cards)

    15-16 OPC
    Base, Red, Black Rainbow/100

    13 of 14 Total Cards Owned (Not including 1/1 Cards)

    14-15 OPC
    Complete Rainbow(Base, Retro, Retro Blank Back, Red, Rainbow, Black Rainbow Jersey Numbered 51/100)

    14-15 MVP
    Only missing the Gold Script Parallel/100. Apparently they are a retail exclusive. If anyone comes across one please lmk.

    14-15 UD Series 2
    I actually have Two Complete Rainbows and 3 out of 4 Printing Plates. Again, if anyone comes across the final Printing Plate (Cyan) Please lmk.
    (Base, Exclusives/100, High Gloss/10)

    1/1 Printing Plates Black, Magenta, Yellow

    21 of 27 Total Cards Owned (Not including 1/1 Cards)

    13-14 National Treasures
    Treasure Chest Booklet/50 and Prime Jersey Booklet/25. Just need the Patch version/5

    13-14 Artifacts

    13-14 Trilogy
    Signature Pucks

    13-14 Panini
    Social Signatures

    13-14 Crown Royale
    Sovereign Sigs Auto and Ruby Auto/25

    13-14 Contenders
    NHL Ink Duals Rainbow(44/50, Gold/10, Black/1). My two favorite players on one card. The base one is numbered 44/50... Jersey number of Morgan Rielly!!!

    13-14 Score
    Base, Gold, Red Border

    13-14 Prizm
    Only missing the Gold/10 and the other 1 of 1 "Ice Blue Rewards". I'd really like to finish this massive rainbow so keep a look out please and thanks.
    Base, Prizm, Blue, Blue Pulsar, Red, Red Pulsar, Green, Orange Die cut/50, Cracked Ice/30, Finite/1

    Prizm Printing Plate

    20 of 27 Total Cards Owned (Not including 1/1 Cards)

    12-13 Fleer Ultra
    94-95 Ultra

    96-97 Autographics

    12-13 Limited
    Base/299, Silver/49

    12-13 OPC
    Base, Retro, Rainbow, Black Rainbow (missing the numbering on back)

    12-13 Panini
    Team Colors, Cracked Ice/25 (Not Actually Numbered)

    12-13 Score
    Base, Gold Rush

    First Goal

    Team Future

    12-13 Titanium
    Metallic Marks

    12-13 UD Series 1
    Base, Exclusives/100

    12-13 ITG Forever Rivals
    Base, Gold/30 (Not Actually Numbered)

    12-13 AHL
    Top Prospects

    119 of 154 Total Cards Owned (Not including 1/1 Cards)

    11-12 Artifacts

    Rookie Auto Redemption/99

    11-12 Black Diamond
    Complete Rookie Gems Rainbow (Base, Ruby/100, Gold/10, Platinum/1)

    Lustrous Rookies

    11-12 Certified
    Rookie/499, Mirror Gold/25, Mirror Emerald/5 (Just need the Black 1/1)

    11-12 Contenders
    Calder Contenders Rookie/800

    Complete Calder Contenders 1/1 Printing Plate set (Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan)

    Calder Contenders Rookie Patch Auto/100

    Contenders Match Ups Booklet

    11-12 Crown Royale
    Rookie Silhouette/99, Patch/25

    Rookie Silhouette Printing Plate Black 1/1

    Heirs to the Throne Jersey, Jersey Auto/100, Jersey Prime/50 (Just need the Prime auto)

    11-12 Dominion
    Rookie Patch Auto/199, Gold/25, Emerald/5 (Just need the black 1/1)

    Horizontal Rookie Patch Auto/51

    Complete Rainbow Dominion Jersey/100, Prime Jersey/25, Patch/10

    Dominion Mammoth Jersey/50, Jersey Prime/25

    Complete Rookies/25

    Brand Logos/5

    Patch Auto/60

    Peerless Patches/40

    Penpals Dual Autos/50

    Rookie Showcase Jersey Auto/25

    Rookie Showcase Puck Auto/25

    Tag Team Combos/6

    Crazy Eights Jerseys/25

    11-12 Elite
    Rookie/99, Aspirations/25, Status Gold/10

    Rookie Printing Plate Magenta/1

    Rookie Auto

    New Breed Materials Jersey, Jersey Auto/50, Prime/25, Patch/25 (Just need the Patch Auto/5)

    11-12 Limited
    Rookie Phenoms/299, Silver Spotlight/49

    Rookie Numbers/9

    11-12 Luxury Suite
    Rookie Prime Jersey Auto/99

    11-12 Panini
    Rookie Private Signings, Platinum/1

    Spring Expo Rookie/299

    Fall Expo Jumbo Materials

    11-12 Prime
    Prime Rookies Rainbow (Missing Black/10)

    Prime Namesakes Letter "I"/50, "N"/50

    Prime Time Rookie Jersey/99, Jersey Auto/50, Patch/10, Patch Auto/5 (Need the Prime and Prime Auto)

    Showcase Prime Colors/35

    Prime Quads/75

    11-12 Rookie Anthology
    Rookie Treasures/199, Patch/15

    Rookie Rivalry Dual Jerseys

    11-12 Titanium
    Rookie/51, Spectrum/17

    Rookie Reserve/100, Prime/25, Patch/15

    Draft Day Auto/99

    Rookie Dual signatures/50

    11-12 Pinnacle
    Rookie Auto

    Starting Six Threads/200

    11-12 SP Authentic
    Future Watch/999 (I think I have like 14 of these now)

    Future Watch Limited Auto Patch/100

    Rookie Extended, Red/10

    Rookie Holoview FX, Die cut

    11-12 SP Game Used
    Authentic Rookie/699, Gold/50

    Authentic Rookie Printing Plate Magenta/1

    Rookie Exclusives/100

    11-12 SPX
    Finite Rookies/249

    Rookie Jersey Auto/799, Spectrum/25

    Rookie Materials Jersey, Patch/25

    11-12 Score
    Hot Rookies

    11-12 The Cup
    Draft Boards/25

    Rookie Evolution Video Card

    Rookie Patch Auto/249, Gold Rainbow/51

    Gold Rookie/25

    Rookie Bookmarks/25

    Rookies Quad Jerseys/10, Patch/5

    Leafs Quad Patches/5

    Trios Jerseys/25

    11-12 Ultimate Collection
    Rookie Auto/99

    Rookie Patch Auto/25

    Debut Threads Patch/100, Jersey Auto/50

    Ultimate Rookie Jerseys/200, Patches/65

    Rookie Jersey Trios/50

    11-12 Victory
    Rookie, Rookie Black

    11-12 UD Series 1 and 2
    Complete Young Guns Rainbow (YG, YG Canvas, YG Exclusives/100, YG High Gloss/10)

    Rookie Breakouts Jersey Numbered 51/100

    Draft Class/10

    Rookie Materials Jersey, Patch/25

    Ice Rookie/499

    Ice Rookie Printing Plate Cyan/1

    11-12 UD Spring Expo
    Priority Signings/75

    Panini Stickers

    That's pretty much it. If you have anything that you don't see here please hit me up cause I'd be super interested in making some new additions. Thanks for your time.

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    Main PC: Jake Gardiner
    Main PC Team: Leafs
    Main PC Set: 13/14 Artifacts

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    Very nice collection, Lots of great cards captured there for sure.

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    Love the fwap and ultimate rc patch /25!

    Great show!
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    Couple additions made with the highlights being a 11-12 Certified Emerald Rookie Prime Jersey Auto/5 and the one and only 11-12 Panini Rookie Private Signings Platinum 1/1.
    Main PC: Jake Gardiner
    Main PC Team: Leafs
    Main PC Set: 13/14 Artifacts

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    That's a super nice collection.
    Vanbiesbrouck - 154X/176X and growing

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    love the cracked ice, draft boards and trilogy pucks great variance of stuff high and low, great collection
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    Main PC: Jake Gardiner
    Main PC Team: Leafs
    Main PC Set: 13/14 Artifacts

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    Jacob.... wow! Your Gardiner PC is out of this world! Very complete and some of those Leafs patches are stunning. Excellent job so far, keep up the great work on your collection!
    It's all about Perspective.
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    Great looking collection
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    Amazing collection! Thought I might have one you needed but not with that collection.
    Morgan Rielly

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