Very happy to get these cards in. This is round 3 of me working with Jon (DnJCards) and he did not disappoint!

I've been having him turn signed index cards into custom 'cut' autographs. The players are typically ones that had few (if any) real cards, and there just isn't any signed ones out there available. I'm not a huge fan of index cards. They don't go with the rest of my collectio nwell, so in trying to get an autograph from every Oiler ever, this is a great way to cross the last few names off my last (still about a dozen to go)

Here's what I got:

Tom McMurchy
Ron Asreshenkoff
Steve Dykstra
Bobby Allen
Igor Vyazmikin
Gordon Mark

The Vyazmikin, in particular, is a HUGE one. Easily the rarest signature in my collection (I've never see another). He played only 4 games back in 1990, and after a brief stint in the minors he went back home to Russia. As far as I know there is only one card (a Russian one) that was ever made of him, and this index card came in a lot from a dealer - I've never seen another. He passed away in the early 00's, so there simply isn't much of these out there. Like all the others, the cut signature card came out looking great!

This scan, these are all a little different than the cards I've normally had made. Been several batches of the cut signatures, and also some custom cards to use TTM trying for autographs of some more players I have not been able to get signatures from (and it has been working, to some degree).

The Ranford stuff is pure awesome. I've been collecting Ranford since the early 90s, and I remember being confused as to why he had a RC in 87-88 OPC, but did not have a card in 88-90 OPC. The reason is pretty simple: He spent most of the 87-88 season in the minors, after playing half of Boston's games in 86-87. Wasn't called up to the NHL until he was traded for Andy Moog.

I did go with a photo that has been used on other cards before, but I picked this one because I believe it to be from the 87-88 season, when he played 6 games with the Oilers. There are a few other photos in circulation that show him in older great like that, but they clearly have the Oilers 10th Anniversary Nike jersey on - so they're from the 88-89 season. Nitpicking? Sure. Would most people know? Probably not. I would have though - so to dig up a photo that I am reasonably certain came from the time I wanted, that was a huge deal.

Why card #265? Well, anyone with a set of 88-89 OPC will tell you there are only 264 cards in it :) This adds one extra card to that set!

Next up is a 2014 Stanley Cup Champions card. When LA won the cup in 2012, there was not a decent shot of Ranford, on the Ice, hoisting the cup, to be found anywhere. (He's the goalie coach with the Kings, for those of you that don't know). After this year's win, I was able to find a good shot of him - so I've had this card made up and will be sending it out to the Kings, in hope of getting it signed.

Last up, a Jarred Smithson. This card is a BEAUTY! Having knock-off GU cards isn't something I had thought much about, but when this opportunity came up - I though "why not?" and am glad I did. Card is exactly what I was looking for.

Here's the story: Smithson was late season acquisition by the Oilers in 2012-13. He played 10 games with them. My normal goal is to get an Auto, a GU, a RC, and a "pictured as an Oiler" card of everyone from the team. Smithson has RCs, but that's it. He doesn't have anything that fits any of those other three categories. Having an Oilers card of him made up would be easy enough - but that nameplate, from a stick, that's where the fun part is!

No, I did not purchase an NHLer's game used stick to dice up, and put into a hockey card. That would be crazy. But back in the summer of 2010.... on my way home from Atlanta.... a friend and I stopped in Nashville. While we were there, we went into the Preds' arena, and had a look in the shop. They had game used sticks on sale for $50. Now, any of you that play hockey.... if you've ever bought a high end stick.... you know that an Easton S19 for $50 is an incredible deal. That's roughly 15% of retail price. The thing that made it that much better: I'm reasonably certain that this "game used" stick was actually "game ready". It had been taped, it had a grip added to the butt end, but I doubt it ever left the stick rack. Barely a mark on it.

I didn't buy this stick to collect, or hang on a wall. I bought it to play with. Earlier this summer, after four good years, it finally broke. Instead of tossing it in the garbage, I had an idea. I got out the hacksaw, made sure I could do it, and cut out the nameplate and sent it off for this custom.

So.... I ended up with a beauty of a card, using a piece of a stick I played with :) If Smithson is back with the Marlies this year, I may make an attempt to go down to the rink and try and get it signed. I would pop with a signature in blue sharpie.

Thanks for looking, and thanks again Jon! The cards (as always) look great!