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    Huge Bruins PC Update! Shields, booklets, RPA, 1/1s...

    Hi everyone. I haven't been posting much on SCF lately, but I have been working on my Bruins PC collection from time to time. Here are some of my favorite new additions that I haven't posted here yet!



    Cup RPAs:

    Three/Four/Six Autos:

    Some cool patches:

    ... and some other cool cards:

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    Always looking for Bruins PC cards - Shields, 1/1s, anything high end! PM me if you want to trade!

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    Wow, awesome stuff man. Love that you still keep Seguin in your collection, a lot of times I feel it's easy to let a guy go when your team does! I have these if you're interested. The Neely is a case hit SP.

    LOOKING FOR Eli Manning, Evander Kane, Bills, and Sabres.
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