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    Spent some DOUGH but MALKIN some sweet pickups!

    Haha. Cheesy title! Wish I could say it came off the top of my head but realistically it was a process.

    Anyways, enjoy the spoils of my lack of self control!

    First, two new adds to the hoard:

    Then some sweet pickups from my good friend Danny the coal miner (KOL)

    A card of one guy who just doesn't get any love anymore:

    And the reason for my title:

    A sweet malkin:

    And not one but two doughtys!!

    A 2 color:

    And a new monster for my collection:

    My bucket:

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    Yeah.. this is just plain sweet.

    It's all about Perspective. ​Romans 12:6-8
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    Sweet Patches!!! Congrats on the new additions..

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    Very nice additions!!! Love the DOUGHty!!
    Major PC = Nathan MacKinnon
    Gallinator parted with a PC card of his to let me finish my 96-97 Black Diamond Gold Set #1-180. I was missing just one card for a very long time and he sold it to me for a very fair price. Makes the hobby what it is to have fellow collectors help out. THANKS MAN!!!

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