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Thread: Got a 1/1, show it off...

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    Got a 1/1, show it off...

    This thread is solely for the purpose of showing off the 1/1 baseball cards in your collection. These cards are ultra rare, so they deserve a place of their own. Let's see those beauties...
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    2006 Carl Crawford Bowman Originals 2000 Bowman Chrome TV Buyback Autograph #ed 1/1

    2005 Carl Crawford Playoff Absolute Materials Spectrum Auto #ed 1/1

    2005 Carl Crawford Fleer Showcase Masterpiece Showpiece GU Patch #ed 1/1

    2004 Carl Crawford Leaf Limited Threads GU Patch #ed 1/1

    2004 Carl Crawford Leaf Certified Mirror Black GU Patch #ed 1/1

    2005 Carl Crawford Donruss Diamond Kings Gallery of Stars GU Patch #ed 1/1

    2005 Carl Crawford Bowman Red #ed 1/1

    2005 Carl Crawford Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum #ed 1/1

    2004 Carl Crawford Leaf Limited Spot Light #ed 1/1

    2004 Carl Crawford Upper Deck Playball Purple Masterpiece #ed 1/1
    2007 Carl Crawford/Jorge Cantu Topps Co-Signers Black Press Plate #ed 1/1

    No pic of this:
    2005 Carl Crawford Topps Pristine Cyan Press Plate #ed 1/1
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    Won this yesterday :). My first Vlad 1/1.

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    Nice stuff fellows.
    Collect Cleveland Browns Patches/Autos,Bobby Labonte/Dale jr


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    Here's Mine:

    Andrew Carpenter Just Black Glossy 1/1 auto Rc

    more incoming!

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    Here's mine, I just pulled from 07 BDP:
    Checkout my bucket:
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    Also looking for Felix Hernandez, Ichiro, Edgar Martinez, Ken Griffey Jr., Greg Halman, Owen Schmitt, John Carlson, Jonathan Stewart, Aaron Curry, and Steve Largent.

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    well here is mine i love it as he is my main person i collect

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    I just added the 8th to my 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut series! All 8 are true 1/1 cards. The entire subset is only 14 cards.

    George H.W. Bush 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Jimmy Carter 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Bill Clinton 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Dwight D. Eisenhower 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Richard Nixon 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Ronald Reagan 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Harry Truman 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut

    Woodrow Wilson 2007 Sportkings Presidential Cut
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    Collecting 2007 SportKings Presidential Cuts - Own 9 of 14 of these 1/1 cards.
    Collecting 1933 Goudey HOFers in SGC 80+
    Collecting E107 Breisch-Williams cards

    Outside of these 3 sets, anything else in my bucket is available. Just ask.

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