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Thread: Mason Inflation

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    Mason Inflation

    I live in Columbus, and I've been setting up at local shows on and off for years. In recent months hockey has garnered a lot more interest in this football town, especially as I'm sure you're aware, Steve Mason cards.

    But even here in town, I haven't seen the absolute price inflation of Mason cards like I have here on SCF. Today one member stated publicly he's looking for $70 BV for a Mason YG, and another told me in PM he'd sell me a Mason and Brassard YG for $110 combined!!

    I have a decent amount of Mason stuff, and even more Brassard and Voracek, so I don't feel the pinch of this kind of inflation like some others would, but I was out of the hobby last year. Is this what it was like with CareyPrice?

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    Well on ebay you could get both YG for 50 total. Maybe 60. I think some people try to take in account Calder's and Veniza. 110 is way to much, I would love to know about Price value and how it was, I heard it was low and now has settled in the the BV it has. But to charge more then BV.. idk about that

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    lol...there was a member here looking for more bv on a voracek rookie card (i believe it was voracek) because "the bv would go up one day"

    It's dumb that people want more bv for a card cause the card "could go up." It's like me trading away a boyle card for more bv "because he's tall"
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    i think price was selling hi for a rookie, who has not really proven anything in the nhl, i mean look at him this season. last year he was hot and so his cards were too, the prices werent ridiculous for his play, but i wouldnt pay 400 for his rookie now, who knows if he is just the next andrew raycroft or jose theodore??? same goes for mason i am very hesitant to buy his cards knowing that a lot of rookie goalies in the recent past have been great as rookies but have not done much since. Now not saying all goalies are like that, ie miller, lundqvist. but i think price may be one of them. :) look at bobby ryans cards they are selling way above bv the last month or so, his cup books at 80 in the last beckett think the new one came out last week.

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    This is how I see it:

    if the Mason YG is selling on ADVERAGE of $35 dollars. People usually sell cards at half BV. Hence this is why I am looking for 70. It is not in my interest to trade for something with less sell value. obiously when the book value is higher in next months beckett, i dont be looking for a premium.

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    If Mason does well next season, I think he can be top 5 in goalies. Price can come back. One good year, one bad. Heck, he could turn it on late.

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    But it isnt selling for 75. it is selling 20-30. look at recent ebay sales a lot of 20-25

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    Quote Originally Posted by 07mears07 View Post
    Just trade BV to BV, most logical for sure.
    exactly. i don't care how cards sell. I've seen $10 cards sell for $20 and $100 cards sell for $10.
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    Beckett is quite slow to adjust book value. Sometimes it can takes 3 or 4 months.

    I am in Montreal, all dealers are looking to unload the cards of Carey Price considering the overvalue he got over the past year; even if he choke in the playoffs and during January-February 2009 (after the all-star game) the value is way to high. The key rule in the hobby is to sell high while the value is at the top... way easier to do it when a card books at $150 and you are willing to sell at least for at least $75 (you give the impression of a deal!), instead of the opposite situation! A lot of people don't really follow a hockey season, their opinion is totally based on speculation: if a name is supposed to be hot, they will buy.

    According to the performances of Steve Mason, he deserves to get a solid value in the hobby. His value could be easily be comparable to Carey Price, easily.
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