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Thread: Inventory Manager Tutorial

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    Inventory Manager Tutorial

    This is the first of many tutorials I will be creating on the new inventory system, trade manager, showcase and other features on SCF.

    Our new inventory system will change the way SCF member manage and organize their cards. Members can individually upload cards, bulk upload from excel or other spread sheets, add images and soon trade items in their inventory to other members. All the data and images will transfer with the trade to the other member's inventory (once the trade is complete). This will save member's considerable time as they will NOT have to update their trade list/PC collection every time they make a trade, this system does all the work!

    Inventory System

    Member wishing to modify their existing inventory or add a card to their inventory must first click on the User CP in the navigation bar. We will have these options in the navigation bar soon!

    Once in the User CP, you will notice on the left side a "Card DB Management" with 4 options.

    Add Card

    If you click on the "Add Card" option you will be prompted to a screen asking for the details of your card. Simply fill out the details and upload up to 3 images (optional).

    Click "Save card" and you will be brought to your inventory screen.

    At the top you can search your inventory. At the bottom a list of your cards will be displayed. You can use the check boxes and "mass" change card statuses to PC, for sale, trade or sale/trade.

    Card Information

    If you click on one of your cards you will notice:
    1. A Card ID is created with a bar code. Click on this for a high resolution image that you can print out and stick to a bubble mailer or back of a top-loader.
    2. Card information that you typed in. You can edit the fields as needed.
    3. At the bottom you can delete the card from your inventory

    Manage Inventory

    If you click on the Manage Inventory Option under "Card DB Management" you will be brought to your overall inventory by category. Click on the category you wish to manage.


    If you click on the Import/Export Option under "Card DB Management" you will be brought to a screen that will allow you to import a spread sheet or export your inventory into a spread sheet.

    Edit Showcase

    If you click on the Import/Export Option under "Card DB Management" you will be brought to a screen that will allow you to select up to 10 cards to showcase in your SCF member page.

    Here is what it looks like in my profile.

    To see a member's inventory simply click on their user name in a thread/post and click on "View Card Inventory."

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    WOW!! Thats phenomenal!! Thanks Mike!! Looks very similar to the software I use, but integrated into trade manager sounds fantastic!!

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    If this works as advertised - it's officially AWESOME!! thanks for all your work Mike

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    I've been urged to conversate as it's been a few weeks since I've posted...

    You spelled add wrong (ad)...


    Congrats on the addition of this new inventory system, it sounds fantastic!!!


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    You spelled add wrong (ad)...

    You add a card, not ad a card. Care to explain?

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    This is just what I need! no buying expensive software now. Super thanks!!

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    Wow.. an inventory manager.. is this JUST for trading or does it actually work to keep track of stuff we have that we aren't looking to trade etc? (I haven't been here in a while, but some day I'll want to get into the trading part, just not until March when Im less busy again :)

    Add: Strike that ;) I just saw the section that mentions card status as for sale, trade, sale/trade, or PC (personal collection?)...
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    this is by far the best idea yet. great job on this one mike. it sure will help save lots of time in the long run. may take awhile to get it all typed up and together but i can't wait to see the end results when i finish.

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    mike >> I think he was referring to your first post, second paragraph where it says:

    ad images and soon trade
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