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    Hockey Products Reviews/Reference

    This thread is meant as a reference tool for everyone out there who wants to know about the different hockey products on offer, in time I am hoping to have a review of all products.

    NHL Legends Masterpieces 08-09:

    Upper Deck Black:




    UD Series 1:

    SPx 07-08:

    SP Game Used 07-08:

    Upper Deck Series 2 07-08:

    Fleer Hot Prospect 07-08:

    Upper Deck Ice 2007-2008:

    Between the Pipes 07-08:

    UD Artifacts 2007-2008:

    Mini-Jersey 2007-2008:

    ITG Superlative 2007-2008:

    Ultimate Collection 2007-2008

    Upper Deck Sweet Shot 2007-2008

    OPC Premier:

    BAP 2007-2008:

    BAP 2007-2008:

    The Cup 2007-2008:

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    Think we could get a preview of The new UD Black coming out?

    Id like to see what they look like!

    Giroux PC Including 1/1- 93/131 = 70.99% Complete
    Giroux PC not-including 1/1 - 92/118 = 78% Complete

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    I'll see what can be done! There will be a review when i get my box for sure lol

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