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    Exclamation Please read these Rules before posting!!!

    The Set Building forum is used only to help members complete sets. This forum is not to be used for posting your player or team wantlists, threads of that nature will be moved to their appropriate forums.

    1. When naming your thread please use the following formats. This is done to make sets easier to find in the forums.

    Format For single set wantlists:

    TITLE: 2006/2007 Upper Deck Victory Set Needs

    MESSAGE: I am searching for the following cards

    2006/2007 Upperdeck Victory
    1, 5, 15, 36, 225


    Format for multiple wantlists:

    TITLE: 2004/2005 2006/2007 Multiple Set Needs

    MESSAGE: I need the following cards to complete my set....

    2006/2007 Upperdeck Victory
    1, 5, 15, 36, 225

    2004/2005 Upperdeck
    1, 6, 84, 237, 432

    2. If you are posting cards FOR TRADE from specific sets, please follow the same format for the title. Be sure to put in the title that they are cards for trade and not your wantlist.

    Format for posting cards For Trade in the Set Building forum:

    TITLE: 2006/2007 Upperdeck Victory For Trade or (FT)

    MESSAGE: I have the following available from the Victory set

    2006/2007 Upperdeck Victory

    1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15, 36, 225

    Once you have completed your set, reply in your post and state that it is complete. A staff member will close the thread and move it to the Archives.

    ***Please note once a thread is inactive for 3 months it will be closed and moved to archives.

    Any questions please feel free to pm any hockey staff.

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    Looks like a lot of folks aren't bothering with the rules...makes this a real mess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkat View Post
    Looks like a lot of folks aren't bothering with the rules...makes this a real mess...
    Yeah I been cleaning and post on this as well sending out pm's.

    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
    If you have talent with video editing and would like to join the staff drop me a pm!
    Want to see my tradelist type in doniceage under the Hidden Content .

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    Please remember reading this before posting!

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