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    Panini Damage Response

    Anyone have any issues with Panini by sending in cards that were damaged? I sent several back in early March and I have yet to hear anything back at all. I have contacted them and when they do respond all I get is I will be notified when replacements are sent.

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    What did you send back and what was the damage?
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    Yeah, I just bought a box of Diamond Kings and they only wanted it 2day VIA UPS, cost me $22 to send them my damaged cards. Insisted on all wrappers and the box being included as well, and they didn't want the box broken down either. That was two weeks ago, have not heard back from them either.
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    ??? I just don't get it they ship out damaged product and the people who get screwed and get it has to pay crazy shipping cost just to get what they are suppose to get in the first place.

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    I sent back a Derek Carr Auto Patch /49 Immaculate and a Blake Bortles Helmet Sticker card /10. The Carr had nicked corners and the Borltes had lots of scratches and a smudge on the card. I also sent a Brooks Robinson signed NT book card that had a really faded auto like water was spilled on it and another NT book card signed by Kershaw and Valenzuela where the Kershaw was faded and cut off while the Fernando was all splotchy looking and faded.

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    Yeah, I spent about $20 to ship those 4 (2 cards each shipment). The Borltes was the worst though. It looked like a toddler played with it and let the dog paw at it then put a booger on it.

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