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    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos
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    Super Collecting Andre Iguodala

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    Royal Gibnut.
    Customized Shoes for any occasion!Hidden Content
    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
    If you have talent with video editing and would like to join the staff drop me a pm!

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    Double dark chocolate cookies.
    Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content l Hidden Content Majorly collecting Steven Stamkos (652 unique cards)
    Also looking true rookies of current Lightning players

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    a cherry frosted pop-tart
    The Nashville Predators are my one and only PC ... so I`m always searching !!

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    fresh broccoli
    Collecting Acie Law, Adam Morrison, Anthony Tolliver, Antoine Walker, and OKC Thunder (logo/name/uni somewhere on card). Have lists: Hidden Content ; Hidden Content ; and Hidden Content .
    Also collecting NBA UNI ONLY versions of Atomic Refractors, Essential Credentials, Legacies, and Star Rubies!
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    Sweedish Fish... And I'm about to go for some cashews.
    Andrew Bailey: 195/240 not including 1/1's (81.3%); 209/436 cards including 1/1's(47.9%)

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